All About Birchbox

In order to keep my August Birchbox review from being insanely long, I’m going to post a little overview here first, and my actual review in a separate post. Isn’t that nice of me? So feel free to skip this one if you’re lazy, already know about Birchbox, or have been here 8 seconds and already had enough of my rambling. 🙂

By now, most of you have probably heard of Birchbox. (Because I just mentioned it up there. Ha). I’m kind of obsessed with it at the moment, so expect to read alot about it here. If you haven’t heard about it, here’s the short version.. Birchbox is a subscription based service that sends you deluxe beauty samples in the mail. These are generally customized to what you fill out on your profile when you sign up. You earn points through various means, and points lead to discounts on full size products. All in all, it’s a pretty good deal and a fun surprise in the mail. The best benefit is that these samples give you enough product to try it more than once, and really decide if you like it. The subscription is $10 a month, and that’s total, no separate shipping.

This month was my very first Birchbox. I signed up in July, but I was too late to receive that box so I had to wait for August. This is something to keep in mind. I also sent a friend a 3 month subscription for her birthday, but she had to wait a couple of weeks also. If you’re thinking of Birchbox as a birthday gift, you might wanna consider planning in advance so that the birthday girl gets a box the month before her birthday, the month of, and the month after. Or if you’re only sending them one month, just be aware of the sign up cut off for the month so you can let the recipient know when to expect it.

Alot of people make video reviews for Birchbox, especially on YouTube. You can actually watch people open their box. I barely have the patience to watch videos, much less make my own. Plus these videos generally only give you a brief first impression and read the card, and that’s about it. My posts will most likely be after I have used the products that came in it, so I can give a more objective opinion. I definitely recommend the videos, it’s neat to watch and see what everyone gets, but I will probably stick with just photos for now.

So that’s it. Check out my next post to see my August Birchbox and read my reviews!


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