Review: Remington Epilator

Remington Smooth And Silky Body Curve Epilator

First of all, let’s get straight to the point. Epilating is painful. The end. Okay, just kidding, that’s not the end, but honestly it is fairly painful, especially at first. If you don’t know what an epilator is, you’re in luck, because I’m about to explain it to you. An epilator is a hair removal device that works by using spinning tweezer blades to pluck several hairs out a time… and yes, that is as fun as it sounds. As in, not very.

The first time I heard about epilators, I was a little curious. Then I saw one in person and thought, “Wow, you’re crazy to use that.” Finally I tried it myself, and then I REALLY thought people were crazy to use them. There is a big benefit to using these however, the results last much longer than shaving. You can go several days, and eventually perhaps even weeks without worrying about the hair on your legs. That in itself makes it worth a second look. The other big benefit is that the hair will grow back less prickly and noticeable. Think of this like shaving vs. waxing.. you are ripping the hair from the root (ow), just like you do with waxing, so your results will be longer lasting and less stubbly.

So after initially trying one out, I decided to buy one for myself and see if I could get used to using it. Like I said, this is a bit painful when you’re just starting out, so I decided to go with a cheaper model so that I wouldn’t have wasted alot of money if I couldn’t stand to keep it up. I chose the Remington Smooth and Silky Body Curve Epilator for several reasons.

For me, as I said, the most important thing was to find a reasonably priced epilator. You can get them starting at around $20 or so, and going up to $100 or more. I found this one at Walmart for around $26. Secondly, I was specifically looking for a corded epilator. I had previously used a rechargeable one, and it had a tendency to run out of juice before you were finished with both legs. That model didn’t allow you to use it while plugged in, so this is really important to take note of when you’re shopping. If you need the convenience of a rechargeable model, look for one that you can use corded or cordlessly. For my purposes, the corded model was fine, and causes it to be really powerful (seriously, it can practically run up your leg on its own). As an added bonus, this particular epilator is cute. Now I know, that’s a little bit trivial, but you might as well buy something pretty, right? It also fits nicely in your hand due to its small shape.The Remington has several pros and a couple of small cons. We’ll start with the good points. It has two speeds, although I really don’t feel much of a difference in them, so I just stick to the high speed. It’s a nice feature though. This model has 42 tweezers, different brands will have different amounts, so be sure to note that. There is a small cover that goes over the tweezers that I particularly like, because you can only remove it by holding a button on the side. No flimsy covers falling off and getting lost, and it also comes with a tiny brush so that you can clean the tweezers after use and then snap on your protective cover. To use this epilator you are supposed to hold your skin taut and go over the area slowly in strokes or small circles. I tend to do both, and it seems to work better when you hold it with the design side facing away from you.

Now for the cons, which honestly aren’t that significant but I want to be sure and list them so you know what you’re getting into. The first one, as I said, is the pain factor. I’m not sure you can find an epilator that doesn’t hurt to some degree though, so we’re going to ignore that one. Also, you tend to get used to the feeling. It *should* hurt less over time, and some people might not even find it painful at all. If you have a low pain tolerance, some models claim to be more gentle, but will cost quite a bit more. Then there’s the fact that you cannot use this cordlessly, so be prepared to sit by an outlet while you use it. Finally, it does miss some hairs now and then. You will have to spend some time on this, especially at first, and even then you still might not find it quite as smooth as shaving.

Overall, I love being able to go days without worrying about shaving, not having to think about stubble, not knicking myself with a razor or trying to shave my legs in the shower. If you’re interested in trying epilating without a big commitment, I highly recommend this model. If you’ve tried epilating before, you might wanna go for something a little pricier with more features and possibly better results. If you are epilating for the first time, do this at night before bed. It can often leave redness and bumps that take hours to go away. I also would NOT recommend using this particular model anywhere except on your legs, or possibly your arms (not underarms). If you want to use an epilator for your face and more sensitive areas, I think it’s important to go for a higher end model with special attachments for that. Lastly, this thing sounds like a beast when you turn it on. It’s very intimidating to see those spinning tweezer blades and hear the somewhat loud motor… not loud-loud, just louder than you’d expect. I’ll be honest, when it’s on it looks like a medieval torture device of some sort. Don’t get too freaked out though, while the pulling of the hair isn’t exactly pleasant, I personally have never had my skin pinched, scratched, cut, or otherwise harmed by this. It’s a neat little beauty gadget and I think it’s worth checking out. If you’re still having doubts, I encourage you to check out the walmart or amazon website where they have pages and pages of other reviews on it. This is one of those products that’s going to have alot of different opinions, so it helps to read every review you can find so you’re sure that it has the features you need. I love it for now, but will definitely upgrade to a nicer model a little further down the road. Consider the Smooth and Silky Body Curve your ‘intro to epilating’.


5 thoughts on “Review: Remington Epilator

  1. Oh, this made my eyes water, lol…you brave soul, you!! I have thought about trying epilators before, but have always chickened out.

    • lol you can do it! I let one of my nieces try mine, and she saved up and bought herself one. Just don’t get discouraged if it hurts alot at first… baby steps! It helps if the hair isn’t too long, I think.

  2. Ray, when I first got an epilator, I thought I was prepared for the pain. Then I turned the epilator on. You are right it sounded like a beast. I was afraid to use it. One thing that I found helps is to use it on an area with no hair just to work up your confidence.

    • Yeah that is a good idea. At this point I absolutely love mine and wouldn’t be without one. On my legs, it barely hurts at all now that I’m used to it. I occasionally use it on my arms and that’s a little more painful but it’s not too bad. Thanks for the comment!

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