Review: Wen Cleansing Conditioner

*UpdateI found some stories online from people complaining that Wen caused them to have hair loss. I have no idea if that’s true or not, and it’s not something I experienced personally. I wanted to make a note of it though, and encourage you to do your own research and proceed with caution.

If you’ve ever been awake and channel surfing at four o’clock in the morning (as opposed to asleep and channel surfing, I guess?), you’ve probably seen the infomercial for Wen Shampoo. Although they never actually refer to it as shampoo, instead opting for the title of “Cleansing Conditioner”. Well allrighty then. This fancy made up term, is basically a nice way of saying it’s a two in one product without conjuring up images of Pert Plus.

I’ll be honest here, I’m a sucker for infomercials. It’s not that I necessarily believe everything that they claim, even if some of them are quite convincing, I have just been known to mindlessly stare for hours at the latest and greatest products to hit the four am insomnia scene. So I had seen the Wen infomercials a few times, and they seemed pretty impressive, but I think in the end it was the QVC demonstrations that sold me on it.

As we all know, there are very few, if any, amazing miracle products that work for absolutely everyone. If there were, that’s all anyone would use, right? So let me just say, this is probably going to be a love it or hate it type of product. Personally, I really really like it, bordering on love. It’s not the end all – be all of shampoo, but I would venture to say it’s the best I’ve found so far.

Like I said before, this is a two in one product to replace your shampoo and conditioner. They have a corny little line of “I haven’t used shampoo in years!” to make you gasp in horror as you are now glued to the infomercial in hopes of finding out what the heck they mean by that. “Do they not wash their hair?” “Is it possible that I can be even lazier than I currently am and still have fabulous hair?” viewers will ask, from the edge of their seats. But no, it just means they don’t like to call this stuff shampoo.

I’ve used this product off and on for quite some time. I would probably use it all the time, but it’s expensive. A 16oz bottle costs around $30, give or take. The other big drawback is that they encourage you to use alot of product. The longer your hair is, the more ‘pumps’ you are supposed to use from the bottle. This adds up fast, especially if more than one person in your household will be using it, or if you have long hair. Personally, I never use quite as much as the suggested amount because with hair as long as mine I could go through a bottle in no time at all. From what I’ve heard, however, the more you use, the better your results will be. This kind of boils down to experimenting and seeing what works for you, and how often you wash your hair. Don’t worry though; if you wash your hair daily, want to use 40 pumps a day, and have alot of money to spend on shampoo… they even have a gallon size.

Overall, Wen makes my hair softer, shinier, less frizzy and just overall more manageable. I get more compliments when I use it, and my highlights seem less brassy. I think it’s a really nice product, and from what I’ve heard I believe it has more natural ingredients, though I haven’t researched that or anything. This also means that it won’t lather up all foamy like regular shampoo, but it still gets your hair just as clean. Wen comes in a variety of sizes, kits, and scents. The scents are a big issue for me.. the last time I ordered Fig, because it’s tailored more for dry hair, but I absolutely hated the smell. This is just a personal preference, and there are about 6 scents to choose from, each geared a little more toward certain hair issues. Today I used Pomegranate for the first time, and found the scent to be much more pleasant, and there are a few others I like as well. If you’re unsure which to try, check out sites like QVC that have variety kits where you can try them all out before committing to a larger bottle. Some of the kits even include instructional dvds, a comb, or styling products. The shampoo comes nicely sealed with the pump separated out to prevent leaks in delivery. If you’re looking for something new to replace your current shampoo and conditioner, Wen is definitely worth a look. Whether or not it is worth the price is debatable, but for me it’s a good splurge now and then when my hair needs some extra help and I can find a deal on it. Just remember, this is one shampoo you want to let sit on your hair a few minutes to soak in, and comb it through if possible. Check it out sometime when you can’t sleep. : )

[*I forgot to mention that this actually is the consistency of conditioner, so it’s possible they call it cleansing conditioner to just constantly remind you that it serves the purpose of shampoo as well. Enjoy!]


3 thoughts on “Review: Wen Cleansing Conditioner

  1. I’ve seen the infomercial, and it’s tempting, but I’d die paying that much for it, lol. I’ve been using baking soda and water and gotten great results, so I guess I feel all budget fashionista-y when the commercial comes on 😀 I’m glad to hear though that you’ve had good results with it…I may break down and hunt down one of those variety packs. 🙂

    • Ooh I’ve never heard the baking soda and water trick. What does that do, exactly? Just replace your shampoo, or is it like a clarifying weekly thing? I may have to try that.

      For me the Wen is definitely more of an occasional splurge than a staple, lol. At least at those prices. 😉

  2. For a short cut, here’s a link to a “how to” I wrote about it:

    I use it as a clarifying shampoo now, maybe twice a week. When I started using it, I used it every day in place of my regular shampoo, then every other day. Now I mix it up with occasional regular shampoo and baking soda shampoo. Left to its own devices, I have *super* oily hair, so bad that I absolutely had to wash it every day.

    The baking soda shampoo degreased my hair but didn’t strip it, so it’s been able to normalize itself. Now I only wash it every other day, or sometimes longer, and it’s been wonderful.

    My hair also tangles constantly, and the baking soda shampoo has really helped that as well. I only use conditioner once in a while now, when I used to have to use it every time I got my hair wet.

    It gave me lots of volume, and…I’m rambling now. 🙂 (Aren’t you sorry you asked?? ;))

    So, to sum up…super cheap, super effective and as long as I don’t let myself run out of baking soda, I can always make some shampoo, lol…

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