Review: Philosophy Vanilla Birthday Cake Bodywash/Lipshine

Philosophy is well known for alot of products, one of them being their scented bodywashes. There is a huge range of scents, and many seasonal and occasion gift sets. I had always liked the idea of these sets, and had given them as gifts before, but until recently I hadn’t tried any of their bodywash myself.

If you haven’t seen it by now, Sephora offers a beauty insider club that you can join for free. Once you become a member, your purchases will reward points that can be used toward a deluxe sample. It’s a handy little thing if you’re going to be shopping there anyway. (There’s also another status you can also get for rewards, but that one has a specific purchase amount per year to qualify). The best part about joining the insider club, is that you will get a free gift if you visit Sephora two weeks before, or two weeks after your birthday. There’s no purchase required unless you are shopping online, they won’t send out just the birthday gift. This year, I received the Philosophy Vanilla Birthday Cake Bodywash as my free gift.

Since I knew I was getting the Vanilla Cake scent, I went ahead and bought the Vanilla Birthday Cake Lipshine by Philosophy as well. The bodywash can be used in the shower, as bubble bath, or even as shampoo. I absolutely love the scent, it’s exactly what I expected it to be. It’s a light, sweet cake scent but not overwhelming. It smells great in the shower but is barely noticeable at all afterwards. Every once in a while I notice the faintest bit of the scent lingering on my skin, which is what I prefer. I don’t want something strong that is going to clash with the scent of my lotion, shampoo, or other products. It left my skin feeling soft and clean, and the small bottle is lasting me a good while. It works fine as shampoo, didn’t really notice any difference, but it works. I would definitely consider buying this again when I run out.

The lipshine comes in a light, champagne colored shimmery gloss. Really shimmery. There is alot of shimmer going on here. Luckily it’s not big chunks of glitter, so you don’t end up looking like a 12 year old headed for the school dance. This gloss actually looks really pretty on. It’s almost clear, but very shiny. It smells great, maybe a little stronger than the bodywash. The problem I have with this gloss is that it’s really thick and sticky. You definitely don’t want to wear this stuff with your hair down on a windy day. It’s a little longer lasting than I expected, and I suppose that’s why it has a thicker consistency. I was hoping it would be a little more conditioning for your lips, but that hasn’t really been my experience. If you’ve got dry, chapped lips, it’s just going to highlight that with all the shimmer. Overall, it’s a nice gloss, and if you love the scent it might work for you. I’ll probably try putting this on with a small brush and see if I can get it to be a little less gloppy, this is definitely the heaviest feeling gloss that I own. Personally, for $10 a tube, I doubt I will repurchase it, but I’ll still enjoy the one that I have now.


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