New Blogger and Black Box

Hi there, beauty blog readers! I just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself before delving straight into contributing to Glamdox’s beauty blog. I am a guy in his late 20’s, who tends to be somewhat casual in his grooming practices. By casual, I mean that I typically shave only once or twice a week at most, and I cut my own hair at home using hair clippers. Quarter-inch comb, tyvm. Metrosexual, I am not; however, I am not afraid of tweezers. Pencil-thin eyebrows are no good for men, in my opinion, but a uni-brow just might be worse. I am a relatively average guy with a no-fuss approach to grooming. With that said, I plan to offer some reviews on some men’s products, from a guy’s point of view. If my contributions are not at least helpful, let’s hope that you will find them amusing.


In the very near future, I plan on reviewing the Black Box that I received this month. In case you haven’t heard of Black Box, it is a deluxe men’s care sample subscription, much like Birchbox. The main difference, of course, is that it is geared toward men. Last month, Glamdox told me about Black Box and I couldn’t help but give it a try. I have not yet had the opportunity to try these samples yet, but once I do, I will be sure to provide a review on each item inside. I will share my experience with Black Box’s service as well.

I look forward to blogging here. ‘Til the next time we meet!


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