Zoya Holiday Sets

Zoya.com has unveiled their new gift box sets, just in time for your holiday shopping. These sets are available in 12 different color themes, most of which include three shades of the same color. There are pinks, reds, grays, and so on; and then a contrast set, and one with some bright sparkly shades more suited for holidays. This set, the “Spectacular Sparkle” would definitely be my pick for Christmas gifts, although all of the collections are pretty nice. They come in glossy black gift boxes with crushed velvet lining (ooh la la). The sets are $24 each and qualify for free expedited shipping. So basically, you are paying the standard $8 per bottle and getting a free gift box and free shipping. Not too shabby. If you don’t care for their color selections, you can buy just the gift box for $9 and pick your own colors to go in it, though obviously that’s a more expensive option. The page for the empty box doesn’t say anything about free or expedited shipping, though I’m sure you can still use the free shipping code that’s valid until January.

In other sale news, this Friday Urban Decay will have the Book of Shadows IV for $20 off. They accidentally sent the email out early, so they are honoring the deal today as well. The code is BLACKFRIDAY11 and makes the $64 set only $44.


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