Last Minute Gift Guide: Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of the Last Minute Gift Guide. Part one was all about the links and shipping deadlines, and part 2 is going to focus on the stuff.. finding it is up to you!

The Maddox Satchel – At $198, this is a gift for someone you really, really like. It’s glazed leather and comes in 7 different colors.

LG Optimus V – Cellphones always seem to be popular at the holidays. This is the phone I have, and I love it. Android market, live wallpapers, and no contract.. what more do you need? The only downside to this one is that it could definitely use more internal memory, and perhaps a better camera. With holiday sales you should be able to find this phone for around $130.

I think these Sephora favorites kits are a great idea. There are several different ones, ranging from around $40 – $50. Some kits focus on one thing, like lip or perfume products, others are a selection of items. The best part is that they include a variety of brands, which is great for shoppers who don’t know much about makeup. Just keep in mind that these items are generally not full size. Remember: reviews are your friend!

A great option for last minute gifts is a Birchbox subscription. They are available in 3 month ($30), 6 month ($60), and one year ($110) options. The recipient will receive a monthly box with 3-4 high end beauty samples. Check out the rest of our site for some past reviews. If you’re shopping for someone who already subscribes to Birchbox, they also offer e-giftcards to spend in their store on full sized items.

Shopping for a gamer? Virtual gifts can be a great option because they are quick and easy to buy online. If you know for sure which game they play, you can send them in-game items like pets, mounts, game time, or even full games. These typically go from $10 and up. Check out the Blizzard store for World of Warcraft and other Blizzard game items. (They will usually email the person a code to redeem). Or if you’re opting for a full game or expansion pack, you can check out EA. Personally I love the new Sims Pets expansion pack (PC version), and I also play World of Warcraft and enjoy the companion pets.

Urban Decay just launched their new Naked 2 palette ($50). These palettes became a huge hit based on the variety of the neutral, wearable colors. Since Naked 2 is new, and insanely popular… you might have trouble finding it in stock anywhere. If you can’t find it, the original Naked palette is also beautiful, and is much more likely to be in stock.

Argan oil is the new big thing in beauty these days, and is being included in everything from hair products to skin care. This kit from Josie Maran gives you five products infused with Argan oil, plus a .5oz bottle of 100% pure Argan oil. If you know anyone who’s been interested in trying this product, this kit would be a great start. It’s $54 at Sephora.

Another great last minute, lazy option (haha) is to send a Netflix subscription. It’s fast, it’s easy, and you can rest assured that your friends will have something to watch through the holidays. Gift subscriptions are available in 1 month, 2 month, 3 month, 6 month, or 1 year options. At $7.99, one month is a really affordable gift to show someone you remembered them. Keep in mind this is the streaming option, so they will need an internet connection. (Wi-fi, Wii, etc. even ipod touch can play netflix now I think) If they don’t have internet, I *think* these gifts can be applied to the disc-in-the-mail option, but you’ll have to check on that to be sure.

My Glam Bag is another monthly subscription service, just like Birchbox, that sends a variety of beauty samples each month. I have not yet tried this service, but I was impressed by what You Tube users posted from their bag this month. This is a new company though, and I’m curious if they are just starting off with great products to hook you in. I’m a little hesitant to recommend something like this that I haven’t tried, but their November bag was full of Urban Decay products and full sized items. It’s $10 a month, and you can even send a one month gift to someone. So, ten bucks and the possibility of full sized items? Sounds pretty good to me. Julep Maven is another monthly service, but for Julep specific products (mostly nail polish). I haven’t tried this one either, as it costs $19.99 a month (eep) but the promo code DECEMBER is supposed to let you try the first box for $5. I really might try that one since you allegedly can cancel at any time. Let me know if you try it!

Love it or hate it, Twilight is ridiculously popular. Chances are that someone on your list is a fan, and if they’re into beauty products as well, you’re in luck. There is now a collection of Twilight inspired hair tools. They range from hair dryers, curling irons, and even brushes. Most of the items appear to be dark purple, and reference ‘sparkle’ in the title, so I’m assuming they are sparkly purple, but it’s hard to tell from the images. The curling irons and flat irons will tell you which Twilight character ‘look’ they achieve. These are supposedly the tools used on the set of Breaking Dawn. So, if you love vampire hair, now you can get it!

These are plush peas in a zippered pea pod. I’m including it just because it’s ridiculously cute. The Disney store has these available in a variety of sizes, although they sold out of the small size quickly. (This one is $10) The peas are removable, so you can throw them at people who got you lame presents this year. (Just kidding!)

Well, that’s all for now. Maybe these suggestions will inspire you a little bit or give you some ideas. I hope that you all have a safe and happy holiday season surrounded by the people you love, like, or only tolerate for special occasions. Just remember that while presents are alot of fun, Christmas is about so much more than that, so don’t get too stressed out!


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