Catherine Vs. Sookie

As promised, here is a little comparison of Catherine by Julep (left) and Zoya’s Sookie (right). They are really similar, but in good lighting you can tell that Catherine is just a little bit darker. They are both lovely, though.I’m still unsure about whether I will continue to receive the Julep Maven boxes. While the 1 cent box was obviously an incredible value, and bought them some loyalty in my book, $20 is still alot to pay for a monthly box. I am also taking into account the fact that the polish chipped very quickly for me, but I have only tried one of the colors so far. Catherine was really pretty while it lasted. One more thing I wanted to point out that my friend discovered, and let me know – that once joining the Maven program, the only way to cancel it is by phone. I’m definitely not thrilled about that, but I’m sure they didn’t want to make it *too* easy to get a 1 cent box and then quit. I think I signed up too late to get the January box, so I guess I’ll make up my mind once they send out the February previews in a couple of weeks. The one cent code apparently does not work anymore, but you can get an intro box for $5 with the code JANUARY. Here is my referral link if you’d like to use it, thanks!

Also keep in mind that the code for any 2 free bottles of Zoya works until the 9th! Just pay for shipping, so around $6.95 I believe. (The code is for full size bottles which are normally $8 each, plus shipping. Only the new spring collection colors/fleck are excluded from the code).


2 thoughts on “Catherine Vs. Sookie

  1. Meh. I was not a happy camper. The silver I got was ok, but the reddish-burgundy was awful. The polish was gloppy and it didn’t last the first day. Very disappointing. And I *really* don’t like them rearranging their site and taking options for managing your account away. The requirement to call in order to cancel is bogus in this, the reign of the Interwebz. /end rant. 🙂

  2. Yeah this is true. I’ll probably try the purple today, just to make sure I’ve given it a fair chance. I was temped by the January box, but based on their weird system I think I’d get the Feb. one even if I stayed with it? It’s tempting because they put an emphasis on the ‘value’ it is.. but as with any shopping.. is it really a value if I wouldn’t have bought it in the first place? I definitely wouldn’t pay $14 for one of those polishes. And yeah, the switching of the site.. not cool. I think I might drop it and get a month of MyGlam bag.. they are getting Wen this month.

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