Here I go Again..

Despite Cricket‘s threats to sign me up for an intervention – regarding these monthly beauty boxes, I’ve just signed up for My Glam Bag. I’ve been debating it for a few weeks, based on the fact that their December box was pretty impressive. (Full size Urban Decay eyeshadow? Yes please). (Have you guys noticed that I talk in parenthesis alot? Do you think there’s a support group for that? Oh well).

Anyway, when I saw that this month’s Glam Bag included Wen I decided it was time to jump on the bandwagon. My theory on GB is that since they are a new company, they are starting off with some impressive products to lure away Birchbox customers who are getting a little frustrated with their perfume samples and granola bars. Don’t get me wrong, I love Birchbox. I think their packaging is great, I get to try alot of expensive products I never would have tried otherwise, and most of all the points system is fantastic. So far, Glam Bag doesn’t seem to have a points system or any referral program that I’ve been able to find. I have every intention of staying with Birchbox, but I do want to get in on some of the nice products that GB is handing out right now.

The way Glam Bag sign up works, you get your first bag the month after you sign up. So I won’t be getting the January bag, I’ll have to wait until February. Which is kind of a shame since they post the contents of the bag on their Facebook page right before it ships out. It would be nice to see it and decide to sign up for those specific products. In that respect, it’s kind of a gamble. I think that’s a little weird personally. Why bother to show you the products before you get them, if they are only showing them once you’ve been charged and they aren’t taking more orders for the month? Also, some months apparently sell out, and the subscriptions are closed to new members from time to time, then reopen. If you’re having trouble signing up, follow their fb or Twitter page and they will post when they are accepting more. When I get my Glam Bag I’ll be posting pictures and a review here, of course.

In other – potentially shady news – a site called Platinum box is currently offering their first box free. It seems to be directed at men, but when you sign up for the free box it gives you a choice of a womens’ box, or a mans’ box. I’m really tempted to try it… being that it’s free and all. The trial period is apparently closing at the end of January. Let me be clear here though, I don’t know a thing about this company so I am not advising you to run out and sign up for it. After Camophile’s experience with His Black Box, I wouldn’t want to recommend a service that I haven’t used myself. I’m just letting you guys know that it’s out there, and you might want to check it out and do some research. Keep in mind that Cricket and I both signed up for Julep boxes, while later finding out that we had to cancel by phone. (I’m still putting that one off, ha). The My Platinum Box website slightly resembles the His Black Box website, and the name is obviously similar, which is also a little strange considering that His Black Box is seemingly disappearing just as this company emerges. Anyway, if you’re brave enough to sign up for this thing, please let us know and share your experience in the comments!

Lastly I just wanted to let you know that there is a clearance sale at American Eagle right now with free shipping. You can also combine a coupon code (36892051 courtesy of Retail Me Not), for an additional 20% off. I was able to get a sweater, a pair of pants, and a tank top for around $30. Not bad at all!

Oh yeah, have any of you checked out Shop Runner? It’s a program to get free two day shipping from a variety of stores, and you just pay a yearly fee. (Think Amazon Prime). It looks pretty interesting and they also have a free trial that I’m thinking of checking out. Let me know if you have any experience with it, the selection of stores is slightly limited but the concept is great. That’s all for now, have a lovely day!


2 thoughts on “Here I go Again..

  1. Oh, you are evil…. 🙂 And apparently I’m in need of an intervention too, cuz I’m tempted…I might let you battle test it first, though 😉

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