Makeup Challenge

One of the always popular New Years’ Resolutions is “clean and become more organized”. I’ve started doing a bit of that this week, inspired in part by watching episodes of Clean House on Netflix. (Isn’t Niecy fabulous?)

Today I realized that with Birchbox, Julep, and now Glambag arriving soon, I am accumulating quite a few beauty products. We all know – and blissfully ignore – the fact that most cosmetics have a shelf life and should be tossed out after a certain point. For mascara, the rule is 3 months or whenever it starts to seem yucky, whichever comes first. I’m sure I’m not the only one who tries to push that a little farther, especially when I’m using a mascara that costs a bit more.  The reality however, is that you need to be careful, especially with products that come in contact with your eyes. If a cosmetic has changes in color, smell, or texture those can also be signs it’s time to get rid of it. If you’re someone who likes to hang onto products longer, consider looking into mineral makeup, which tends to have a longer shelf life.

That brings me to my point of the post. This week, your makeup challenge – should you choose to accept it- is to throw out five old cosmetic products. I originally thought this was going to be difficult, but since I’m kind of a pack rat I found five pretty easily. Lipgloss in a terrible color? Check. Mascara I can’t remember when I bought? Double check, and so on. So do yourself a favor, declutter a little bit and make room for some fresh new things this year. This isn’t about being wasteful, only get rid of things that are past their lifespan. If you can’t find five, try three, or whatever suits you… five is just a good start if you have a ‘junk makeup’ drawer. This is also a good time to wash your makeup brushes, which should be done about once a week to keep nasty germs and bacteria away.

If it’s nail polish you’re considering throwing out, you might want to think again. Zoya sells drops that revive old polish, and on top of that, once a year or so they have an exchange program to collect your old polishes. But trust me when I say that no one wants your old mascara, so you’re safe to throw that out. This is also a great time to evaluate any holiday gifts of makeup that you may have received. If you haven’t used it yet either try to find a way to use it, exchange it, or pass it on to a friend while it’s still new. So what do you say, are you up for the makeup challenge? Feel free to show us in the comments what you threw out!



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