T.V. Birchbox

This past week, Birchbox subscribers were sent an email asking us if we would like to replace our box this month with their special edition Teen Vogue Birchbox. I wasn’t sure whether or not to ‘opt-in’ for this, since I’m not a teen and haven’t been one for a while now. The email mentioned that this box wasn’t just for teens, and included Essie as one of the brands featured. Considering that I’ve never tried Essie polish, I decided to go ahead and opt in for it. If it turns out to be amazing and I passed on it, I’ll be kicking myself. Besides, they don’t do very many ‘special’ boxes like that, so I’m betting there will be at least one cool thing in there. Next month will go back to the normal Birchboxes and hopefully give me a chance to get anything neat I might miss out on this month. I would’ve loved the option to buy the Teen Vogue box in addition to your regular box, instead of having to choose, but it’s not a huge deal. I guess I felt more confident choosing the T.V. box since I know that if it’s not to my taste I can just pass it along to my family members. I seriously considered making an extra account for the teen vogue box, but decided against it since it might cause confusion with my regular subscription. How about you guys, have any of you opted for the Teen Vogue Birchbox (whether you’re teenagers or not). I’m just worried the whole box will be full of glittery red plaid lip tattoos!

In other news, I still haven’t used a single product from this months My Glam Bag. I have no plans of leaving Birchbox, or of going back to Glam Bag, but I might try some of the other services out there just for fun. Any recommendations? From the ones I’ve seen, it really seems like none of the monthly services – at least the US ones- can compete with Birchbox’s variety of brands and their point system. I’d really like to try one that’s a little more focused on makeup, so if anyone knows of one post it in the comments please!

Lastly, even though no one cares 😉 – my closet remodel is coming along so nicely and I installed the new tile today. Before you get too impressed, it was peel and stick, but it came out really well and seems like it will hold up. Anyone else getting a jump on spring cleaning & organizing?


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