Updating The Site Look

Okay so, I’m testing out a new banner that I drew *points up*…

What do you guys think? Too cluttered? Not finished enough? I’ve gotten some mixed opinions on it so far, and I’m not too sure what I think of it myself yet. Please leave some comments and give me your feedback. If there are specific issues with it I may work on it some more, like the girls hair- I’m not sure if I like. So, let me know. Thanks!

I’m considering changing the theme and layout as well. I’m just trying to liven things up and add a little more color around here. Comments, suggestions, and even constructive criticisms are welcome 🙂


4 thoughts on “Updating The Site Look

    • Thanks for your comment! I’ll get the bunny and carrot department working on that right away! 🙂 How did you get a prettier avatar than me? Yours is all pink… lol

  1. The big free floating lips freak me out a little (maybe I’ve seen too many rathergood.com videos). Plus I think they may have a bit of a cold sore thing going on. Other than that, I like it. The banner gives a nice pop of brightness to offset the darkness of the background.

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