How To: Bee Nails!

Recently, one of the blogs I follow (and I can’t find the original post to credit you, sorry!) posted a picture of a cute bee themed manicure that they found online. I thought it was a neat idea, so I decided to try it. I’m not sure who the original creator of this manicure is, if you know please post it, but it’s on Pinterest as well.

You’ll Need:

  • Light blue polish for the sky background
  • Black, yellow, and white polish for the design
  • Toothpick, orange stick, or small paintbrush
  • Something to use as a palette (Piece of plastic, coated paper plate, anything that won’t absorb or be ruined by nailpolish)
  • Polish remover for cleanup and mistakes (optional)

The colors I used (from left to right) are Hard Candy: Sky, Hard Candy: Splendid, Zoya: Snow White, and Zoya: Raven

You can start with a basecoat if you want, I chose to skip it in this case because I wasn’t sure how many coats of blue I was going to need. I ended up having to do three coats of Sky to get a streak-free background. I also cut my nails before starting this manicure, because I thought this look worked better on a slightly shorter nail.

Once your background is completely opaque, put a few drops of black polish on your palette and get ready to paint your dashed lines for the flight trail of your bee. I used a toothpick for this, and it worked pretty well. When you’re using a toothpick, and such a dark polish on top of a light polish, you may end up getting alot of strings from the black polish as it’s drying while you work. This happened to me alot. If you get strings, don’t panic and don’t jump for the polish remover. If the string isn’t stuck to your nail yet, twirl the toothpick and try to roll it up around the stick. If it’s already stuck to your nail, leave it. Wait until it’s totally dry and then you can scratch it off pretty easily. Make small dashes with your toothpick or paintbrush and try to make sure that the trail looks like it extends from one nail to the next. It can follow any pattern that you like, just add a loop here and there to make it look interesting. Be careful to make dashes, not dots to make sure you get the same cartoon-like effect.

Once you have your trail made on both hands, it’s time to draw your bees on your thumbs. This is a bit challenging, especially if you don’t have a brush. Don’t stress out if it’s not perfect, all you need to do is make sure that from a distance, it looks like a bee. Get your toothpick or brush, and make a very light basic outline of your bee. Dont forget wings and antennae. Segment the body with two or three black stripes. Once it’s outlined, let it dry slightly (you can work on your other thumb while it dries) and then fill in the wings with your white polish. You can either clean your toothpick/orangestick with polish remover and a paper towel, or just use the other end of it. Fill in the wings carefully, and then fill in the yellow for the body. Once the body is filled in, go back with your black polish and retrace the outline making sure that your lines are bold and as clean looking as you can make them.

Add a couple of dashes behind the bee to connect him to the rest of the trail. Once my design was dry, I took a little bit of gold glitter polish and added a drop on each wing, but that’s totally optional. My bees turned out pretty messy, and I think I’ll be on the lookout for a nail art brush – designs like this are really tricky to do with an orange stick. But the overall effect is cute. Hope that you guys try it out and post pictures!


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