Zoya Nail Polish Exchange

It’s that time of year again… Earth Day! And in celebration of Earth Day, Zoya is once again helping us score a sweet deal on nail polish I mean, recycle our old nail polishes (and score a sweet deal on nail polish!) What else were you going to do with that gunky polish sitting in a plastic box in the corner? Basically, you ship them between 6 and 24 bottles of old, crusty non-Zoya polish, and they not only recycle them for you, but they give you a discount on a bunch of new polish to replace it.

All of the important details are here. The code is EARTHZOYA2012 and once you add between 6-24 bottles of polish to your cart, you apply that code for a 50% off discount. That means the new polish is only $4 per bottle, plus shipping. Once you order, print it out and send it, along with your old polish to the address on their site. (Check with mail carrier on how to send polish). They also say on their blog that this offer is not contingent on customer returning polish. So if you order using the code and don’t send in any old polish, that’s apparently okay too. This offer is only good this weekend, so go check it out!


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