Mothers Day Shopping Guide

Mother’s Day is fast approaching. Have you found your gift yet? If not, here’s a few suggestions that might help you out.

Idea #1 – Okay, it’s not a pretty color, and it doesn’t look that special, I’ll admit. But Newegg has this Canon 16MP digital camera for $130. Not a bad deal, and they are throwing in a warranty, free shipping, and a cheap SDHC card. I don’t pretend to be a camera expert, but it’s not a bad deal and if you’re shopping around it’s a good starting point.

Idea #2 – Zoya Beach and Surf collection. These sets are $48 each and include bright shades for summer. Zoya has fewer chemicals and gorgeous colors, so it makes a nice gift. Make a new account with a referral link, like this one and you’ll even score a free bottle of polish and can start collecting Share The Love points for even more cool benefits.

Give your mom a gift that will last a little longer, with a subscription to Birchbox. Available in 3 month, 6 month, and 1 year subscriptions, this $10 a month service delivers high end deluxe sized beauty samples to your door. These samples are tailored to what you like, and can earn you reward points that equal discounts on the full sized products. (I got this for my own mom a while back, and she loves it almost as much as I do). There is often a waiting list to join, but it usually doesn’t take too long so hurry and sign up!

Maybe you were a really, really bad kid and have alot to make up for. I’m just sayin… everybody likes an ipad! 😉

If your mom is into skincare, the Clarisonic Mia or Mia 2 is a nice choice. It uses sonic technology to clean your face, removing more dirt and makeup, and basically doing alot of nice things for your face. It’s a splurge at $119, but hey, you didn’t wanna go with the ipad…

Women like jewelry. This is generally a fact of life, although I’m sure there’s some exceptions out there. This bracelet from Fossil makes the gift list because turquoise is always popular in the summer time, and also because it’s just beautiful. This one is $48, but Fossil has alot of nice accessories so it’s hard to go wrong when shopping there.

A butterfly, perhaps? Not just any butterfly, this is an electronic butterfly. It’s a bit of a novelty, but this sweet little pet flutters around a mason jar by way of an invisible wire. It has realistic movements and reacts to sound.. pretty cute huh? It comes in yellow, pink, blue, or orange and runs on AAA batteries.

Bad gift idea: Any sort of appliance. Unless you know for a fact that your mom wants a certain appliance, and has asked you for it – Mothers day is generally not the time to give her something to clean floors with.

Go with thoughtful presents, things that she enjoys. If you get flowers, try to find her favorite flower and if possible find a way to personalize it a little. The expression ‘it’s the thought that counts’ is very true, and while your mom will probably love anything you give her (or at least pretend to, because she’s a mom!) she’ll like it better if it seems like you didn’t grab something last minute while standing at the check out line while you were buying break and milk. Was that a long sentence or what? 🙂 Giftcards can work, but again, put some thought into it. If your mom has an ipad and loves to read, you could get her an itunes card so she can buy books. If she’s into beauty products, a Sephora or Birchbox giftcard might do the trick. Just remember, the point of the holiday is to make your mom (or grandmother, or any of the women in your life who have taken on a maternal role) feel special. Even if you don’t have any money to spend, there are a million different ways to show someone you care. Good luck!


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