April 2012 Birchbox: Review

Juice Beauty Oil Free Moisturizer – In a previous Birchbox I received a sample of the Juice Beauty acne serum, and I really liked it. So when I saw this moisturizer in my April box I was excited to try something else from the brand. This is a really nice product and I have nothing negative to say about it at all. I will definitely consider purchasing it, mainly because of the natural ingredients. The full size is $28 for 2 fl oz. which seems a little small, but then again I haven’t found the need to use alot of product to get results.

Zoya True (Spring Collection) – If you’ve ever been to this site before, you probably know that I absolutely adore Zoya. I got the shade Lotus (not the one pictured above). It’s a really pretty purple with shimmer that will be great for spring and summer. Zoya is made with a top 5 free formula and was voted the longest wearing natural nail polish.

Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift – This is a pleasant scent that I’ve actually worn a couple of times lately. I’m not a huge perfume person, but this wasn’t bad. I’ve been preferring pure vanilla by LaVanilla lately, though.

Amika Obliphica Nourishing Mask – I didn’t care for the packaging of this sample. It was a slender plastic sleeve with no way to reseal it once it was opened. Maybe it was intended to be a one use only sample. As long as my hair is, I probably could’ve used the entire thing at once. Instead I managed to get a couple of uses out of it. I expected a hair mask to be something you put on thickly, let sit for 20 or 30 minutes and then washed out. However, this only needs to stay on your hair two minutes and you can use it once a week, or even daily. After reading that, I really wasn’t expecting much from this other than a potentially nice conditioner. After washing my hair, it really didn’t feel any different… until I dried it. My hair was softer, shinier and overall more manageable. This is a really good product with a pleasant scent. The full size is $40 for a jar, which is the reason I haven’t already purchased it. Though once I stack up some more Birchbox points, it’s probably going to make its way into my cart!

Dropps Laundry Detergent – This month’s extra was a package of two little laundry detergent pods. It said you can use one per load, or if it’s a really large load, two. I think these are a really cool idea. It’s nice to skip the sometimes messy step of pouring and measuring out detergent, and just toss a little pod in the washer instead. These seem like they would be great for travel, or for older kids who are learning to do their own laundry. I was happy with this extra and have been keeping them around for when I unexpectedly run out of detergent. My only concern with these is that I wonder if they would easily puncture.

This month was a cool Birchbox, I liked everything that was in it although I wasn’t a huge fan of the perfume. It was worth trying though, I’ve been wondering how it smelled. I’m always thrilled when Zoya is included, so I definitely feel I got my moneys’ worth. It does seem like some people got boxes with a higher value, but maybe they balance that out somehow over several months. Either way I can’t complain since I was content with what I got. I can’t wait until later this week when my May box gets here, check back soon for a preview of it!

*Birchbox is a monthly subscription that delivers high end, deluxe samples to your door for $10 a month. Get your own box here.


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