More Reasons To Love Zoya

If you’re a fan of Zoya nail polish, you’ve probably heard about the Share The Love points program. This is a really cool referral program where you get points back that can be redeemed for special offers, which vary with each month. Rewards range from things like free shipping to free polish sets. The best part, is that not only does the person giving the referral link get points, but the person making a new account with it does also. (Previously, you could get a free polish if you made a new account from a referral link, I’m not sure if that still works though). Once you make an account, you can start sending your own referral links to earn more points.

Another great feature is that the lovely people at Zoya often give out free points to everyone with an account, or to people who purchased a certain item, etc. One of the May offers was a free nail polish of your choice plus a free Hot Lips lip gloss, for 200 points – you just pay the shipping. Their shipping is $6.95 (a polish normally costs $8 and $6 for the gloss). I was unsure whether or not I would use points for this deal, or continue to save them. Then last night I found out that anyone placing an order in May would be getting 200 points! So I got a nail polish and lipgloss for $6.95 and my points came right back to me today. Awesome deal! Thanks Zoya! If you’d like to make an account of your own, check out my referral link here. Ty! And if you made a purchase from Zoya in May, check your account for those extra points! It definitely pays to make an account there, even if you don’t intend to share referral links with anyone, check it out!


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