Oh yes, I’m Going To Talk About Zoya Again

Remember when I told you guys that now was a great time to make an account at Zoya, even if you weren’t planning to make a purchase yet? Well, I hope ya’ll listened to me! Zoya gave all existing accounts 1 share the love point this week. “One point? What will I do with one point??” you ask? They also posted a new promo – any 3 polishes from the beach and surf collection for $15 PLUS free shipping! To get this deal, it will cost you – you guessed it – exactly 1 Share the Love Point. Three polishes plus shipping would normally cost you around $31, so as you can see this is a great deal. To redeem it, just go to your account and look under “Redeem Points” and add that offer to your order. Have fun! I already have a full sized bottle of Shelby, and I picked up the Pinterest Mini trio, now I just have to decide on three more colors. Yay for nail polish addiction. 🙂 Hope that the Zoya posts aren’t getting boring, I just don’t want anyone to miss out on these great promos! This is why they are my favorite brand of polish… fewer chemicals, amazing color selection, and TONS of deals and promos for their fans. ❤



2 thoughts on “Oh yes, I’m Going To Talk About Zoya Again

    • Yes they do, it’s awesome! I feel weird talking about them so often, but I don’t know of another company that does this much for it’s customers. And besides, I think paying a few bucks more for polish that isn’t full of a ton of chemicals is worthwhile. 🙂

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