Minis And Such

Hey everybody, Happy Fathers’ Day! Or almost Fathers Day. To me, it’s still Saturday night until I get to bed, regardless of the time, but technically it’s already Sunday here. So to everyone who ever had a father, had someone who was like a father, or turned someone into a father (ha), hope that you have an awesome day. (And to the fathers themselves, although I’m reasonably sure they won’t be reading this blog anyway).

Moving on.. I thought I’d show you guys a couple of pics of my Zoya Pinterest mini trio. This is the set of three polishes that were chosen by fans voting on pinterest, and then Zoya gave away 2,000 sets. (Just had to pay shipping). They were mailed out super fast, too.

The polishes in the set are (left to right) Myrta, Kimber, and Zuza. I also received my other Zoya polishes today from the 3 for $15 plus free shipping deal that’s currently running. I don’t have photos of those yet because to be honest I was watching She’s All That on Netflix. Don’t judge me.

The colors I ordered are Wednesday, Tracie, and Reagan. I’m wearing Wednesday now and it came out very pretty. I was planning to do a nail tutorial today but since I don’t yet have a dotting tool I tried a bobby pin, and that came out looking too messy so I scrapped the whole thing. My next attempt will be with a jewelry headpin, which hopefully will work better.

Am I the only one that is driven up the wall by the fact that you can’t justify text in WordPress? Should I just center it all and call it a day? Give me your thoughts. I mean.. please, …I would like to hear your thoughts. I’ll give them back. (Not really) But this is why I shouldn’t write posts at 4 in the morning, my sense of humor is weird. I also just wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone who is following the blog, commenting, and liking it (I mean with the little button, although I also appreciate it if you just like it in your head, too). I’m fairly sure that Camophile is still planning another Birchbox Man review, although I think he’s been less than impressed with the service so far. Lastly, you may notice the picture quality around here gradually improving – I got a new camera a couple of weeks ago for my birthday so no more cellphone pictures (yay), but I’m still learning how to use it. Have a great Sunday everybody!

Update: Here’s a pic of the other three colors I got (Full sized bottles)In the pic, Wednesday looks alot more blue than it is in reality. It’s more of a vintage-y greenish blue on my nails, but still pretty.


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