Review: Zoya Hot Lips

In the last post, I made a poll to ask you guys what you’d like to see more of at the site. The overwhelming response (two votes, whoo!) was that you would like to see more reviews. Basically, Cricket and Boo want to see more reviews. Since Cricket is my awesome friend, and I don’t know Boo- but Boo likes sarcasm so is probably awesome too, then we’ll go with their opinion and post a review!

Zoya is known for having great nailpolishes. Awesome, amazing, gorgeous nail polishes, actually. But they also have a line of lip glosses that don’t seem to get as much attention. I’m a lip product junkie, so of course I had to give these a try during one of their fabulous promotions. There are 30 or so colors to choose from, with everything from clear to dark reds. Choosing a color is definitely not easy but the swatches seem to be pretty accurate, and there is a description for each and many of them have reviews posted as well. I now own 7 of these glosses, so it’s safe to say I’m a fan.

The nicest thing about these glosses is that they are a combination lip therapy plus color in one. Think of it as lip balm plus lip gloss. Wearing these glosses generally makes my lips feel softer afterwards, which is always nice. They are also paraben free, yay! The glosses come in fat little tubes, and are $6 each. Not bad at all when you consider that some glosses are $20 and up.

When I first got them, I felt like the tubes were a little small. However, for $6 they really are  appropriately sized. You actually get alot of product out of them; I wear them very often and I still have plenty left. They turned out to be the perfect size to throw in a purse, leave on my desk, and scatter in various other places. (In fact, I generally have at least three in my purse at all times).

The color choices are great. So far, all of the colors I have purchased have been very pretty and flattering. Some of them deliver a little more color than others, and that’s to be expected. Alot of the shades have sparkle, but it’s not a ‘headed to the middle school dance’ kind of sparkle. It’s subtle, and if sparkle isn’t your thing.. get out of here. Just kidding, what I meant to say is, they also have some that are more of a cream like the red shown there. The only color I’m not totally happy with is Destiny, the sparkly brown shown at the top on the far right of the photo. It’s possible that I got a bad one, or that mine isn’t properly mixed somehow, but it seems watery to me. Usually when I use it, I get more clear gloss out of it than brown. But out of 7 that’s the only one I’ve had a problem with, and it’s still useable. None of the glosses are very dark, and the red shows up a bit pink on me, so that’s something to consider if you are looking for intense color.

The glosses have a plastic, rounded tip which isn’t great for precise application, but since the colors aren’t very dark it’s not a huge issue. You can wear these over lipstick or just even it out a little with your finger if needed. I often just use a little neutral colored lipliner  on top of the gloss to sharpen up my lip line and keep the edges looking neat. I’m not going to lie to you and tell you that these aren’t at all sticky, it is gloss afterall, but they are alot less sticky than many of my other glosses. So while you may occasionally get a strand of hair stuck to your lips on a windy day, they still feel light and not gloppy. I’m not going to do color swatches on each of these because A) You can find those on the internet  B) I don’t want to waste my gloss drawing on my hand with it and C) I would feel very awkward posting close up pictures of my lips for you to stare at. I just don’t like you that way. It’s not me, it’s you. I mean… just look online, you can find swatches : ) And here’s a little glimpse of one on my hand, this is Marachino – the red color – see how it looks a bit pink? Maybe I just have weird coloring.

Since I’m not totally heartless, here’s a quick list of the names of the colors I own shown in the last picture. (They are not in the same order as the top picture) Left to right they are Marachino, Blog, Destiny and Girly Girl on the top row, and Starlet, Minx, and Sorbet on the second row.

Right now, these are my favorite glosses and I wear them continually either alone, with lipliner, or over lipstick. They are the perfect size to carry a few with you, and the color lasts a decent amount of time and when it does finally fade, it doesn’t look weird. Zoya often has promotions with their Share The Love program to use points to score a free polish plus a free Hot Lips (just pay shipping) so it’s a great way to try out these little glosses. If you can’t find that deal, there is currently an STL deal to get free shipping for 75 points, so if you’re only buying one color you should definitely use that, otherwise the shipping would be higher than the gloss. If you haven’t made a Zoya account yet, you can use my referral link here to score some STL points. These little glosses may be small and inexpensive, but they are definitely worth checking out!


4 thoughts on “Review: Zoya Hot Lips

  1. those are soooo pretty…and as usual, you’ve tried out something i’ve been super curious about but not brave enough to jump into yet myself. 🙂 i’m going to have to pick up one or a dozen… 😉

    • Hehe, glad you found the review useful! I love those glosses, I always end up reaching for those rather than some of my more expensive lip products. I think I need to add a few more to my collection soon : )

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