Birchbox Review: July 2012

Sorry that this is a little late, I know it’s already August but things have been busy. Better late than never! In any case, here’s my full review of the July Glamour Birchbox..

Tea Forte Minteas – First of all, this is a really nice size – full size I believe, in fact. I like the little metal tin, and it was packed with alot of little mints. The full size says there are 75 mints per tin, which seems about right to me. The flavor I received was Ginger Pear, but I have not yet tried those. Someone else got these and passed their pack along to me, and those are the ones I’ve been carrying with me. That one is Lime Mojito, and I’m just going to be honest and say that they’re pretty terrible. However, you also have to bear in mind that these are sugar free and one calorie per mint. The lime mojito just has a really odd flavor, but does leave your mouth slightly minty. Each flavor also has an intended ‘purpose’… whether it be energizing, relaxing, boosting your metabolism and so on. They’re an interesting concept and I like that the ingredients are supposedly all natural and healthy. While I will probably use up the two tins that I have, I doubt I would repurchase. I’ll let you know if I end up liking the other flavor better. And who knows, I may just get used to them. You can get 3 tins for $9.99 with free shipping from Birchbox.

Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner – This is another product which seemed to be full sized this month (yay!). Normally I wear Smashbox cream eyeliner applied with a brush, which I like because it’s fairly easy to get a straight line. The drawback is that it’s difficult to get a nice cat eye look with it because it’s hard to get a sharp wing with the rather smudgy formula. I’ve tried a few liquid liners in the past, but usually found them either difficult to apply evenly or flaky after a few hours. I have never even heard of Eyeko liner so I wasn’t expecting much at all. And I was really, pleasantly surprised! I received this in black and was intrigued by the fine point on it, almost like a thin felt tip marker. It went on so smoothly and I was able to get a dark, bold, and yes straight! line! I easily winged the end and filled in the outside edges to make them thicker, and had no trouble at all filling in tiny gaps between lashes. The best part was that this had great staying power, didn’t fade or flake, yet wasn’t a huge chore to remove. I also like that it glides on so easily, literally like drawing with a marker, so you don’t wind up tugging at your eye. I would not hesitate to purchase this, and if you’re someone who uses liquid liner or has been afraid to try it, this is a great choice. I’ve been wearing it on a regular basis now and have zero complaints at all.

Alterna Bamboo UV + Color Protection Fade Proof Fluide – Another nicely sized sample, this little bottle promises to protect your haircolor from the sun while strengthening your hair with organic bamboo. I have dark hair and every few months I dye it a little darker brown. Unfortunately I haven’t done it in a while, so I don’t can’t attest to whether or not this lives up to it’s claims of keeping your color fresh, but I will definitely try it when I color my hair again. I really like the idea of including some sun protection in your hair products. As a regular leave in it seems nice, but so far I haven’t noticed impressive enough results to justify the $24 price tag.

SuperGoop City Sunscreen Serum – This sample came in two small foil packets stuck to a little folded card. Normally I am really not a big fan of foil packet samples because you can’t reseal them, so I really don’t think they should count as ‘deluxe’. However they did include two, so you could get at least two uses from it or more if you used it sparingly. I’m not sure why this is called a serum because the consistency seemed like a regular lotion to me. That being said, it applied nicely and seemed like a decent product. Sunscreen is important and this stuff is paraben free and also fragrance free, which is also nice. The day after I first used this, however, I got a pretty bad breakout that lasted for days. It’s been a while since I’ve broken out more than a zit here and there, so I’ve been afraid to use this product again. I’m not certain that this was the cause, either, but I didn’t want to risk it again right now. I have pretty sensitive skin though, so this probably won’t be an issue for everyone. This product runs just over $40, so for me, it just wasn’t worth it, especially when I have other products that contain spf that agree with my skin better.

Harvey Prince Hello – I am definitely not a perfume hater, despite what it may seem based on some of my reviews. This sample was just okay for me, nothing I would keep going back to or purchase on my own even though the idea of a citrus and floral blend sounds pleasant. I liked that it wasn’t overpowering, but it just didn’t seem to suit me. They get bonus points for having a sprayer top instead of the cork/stopper kind of vial, and this was a nice sized sample. I’m sorry if this is a little vague but I usually find it difficult to review perfumes since I prefer ‘clean’ scents.

Birchbox Exclusive Earbuds – These were a really nice surprise to find in the box and I was excited to receive them. I got the pink and green combo and thought the colors were really cute for summer. I wasn’t expecting much from earbuds that came in a box I paid $10 for total, yet I was still disappointed when I tried them out and found that only one side actually worked. I debated about what to do; I’m not a big fan of complaining but I thought I should let Birchbox know in case there was some way to fix this or it was a common issue. I thought they might possibly give me a few points to make up for it, but I really wasn’t expecting much of anything when I emailed them. A few days later I received the nicest email from their customer service, apologizing for the problem and letting me know that a new set of earbuds were already on their way out to me – wow! It’s so refreshing when a company not only tries to make a problem right, but is kind about it as well. I appreciate that so much and it definitely reinforces my decision to stick with Birchbox, give gift subscriptions to friends and family, highly recommend them and shop from their store. The new earbuds arrived impressively fast, and this time I got the pink and blue combo. I liked those even better (the blue matches my bedroom!) and they work properly and the sound quality is good. I really like this style of earbuds because they stay in your ears better than the standard white ipod ones. This is especially handy for when you’re washing dishes, have your hands in soapy water and can’t be adjusting your headphones every few minutes. I thought these were a great extra in the box because they’re so practical.

Overall I thought this was a great Birchbox. The eyeliner and headphones alone made it well worth the price and I enjoyed sampling the other things as well. If you’d like to get your own Birchbox, click here.


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