Urban Decay Naked Skin

This week I tried a sample of Urban Decay’s new foundation: Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup. Say that ten times fast. I was ordering a gift from Sephora and chose the foundation as one of the free samples. The sample included several shades, and I passed all of the samples along with the gift. However the person I gave it to loved it so much that they wanted me to try it as well, and gave me one of the little pod shaped samples in a shade close to my skin tone.

I’ve been wearing mineral foundation for years now, and recently I’ve decided to start looking for a new liquid foundation. I feel that while the mineral foundation is nice, and certainly easy to apply, it just doesn’t quite cover enough or give me anything close to a ‘flawless’ finish. I’ve always been a little afraid of liquid foundation and I think I’ve stuck with minerals so long as a safe option since it seems harder to screw up. I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect from the Naked Skin, but I’ve been using Urban Decay products for years and have always liked them. (In fact the gift I was buying was the Naked2 palette). I tried the sample last night, and I was really impressed!

The color (2.0) matched my skin much better than my current foundation, and it seemed to melt easily right into my skin. It effortlessly covered acne and redness and left a soft, almost powdery finish that looked very natural. I applied it with my fingers and ended up putting on too much across my nose and cheeks, accentuating some flaky skin I had there from some products I used earlier in the day. I feel like if I took a little more care with prep, possibly using a primer or applying with a sponge, brush, or blender instead of my fingers – that I could get great results with this foundation. The best part is that it’s oil free, paraben free, and fragrance free. I think I’ll be picking this up in full size when I can, and I’ll let you know how it goes. Has anyone else tried this yet? If you can get a sample, give it a try, it seems like a great product.


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