Quick Update STL

Here’s the first FB post about todays Zoya promo:

“Just wanted to let everyone know that all accounts created before 12pm ET this afternoon will be receiving a very special BOGO code in their online account shortly. It may take up to 5-6 hours for all accounts to receive their personalized codes (we have a lot of lovely pixies!!) so we do appreciate your patience. Don’t worry, the code is good for 1 week – you won’t miss out and we won’t run out! As a bonus, free standard shipping is being offered with a min. purchase. There will be a post will full details about the promo released later tonight so we do encourage you to check back. Again, we appreciate your patience and hope you enjoy your special BOGO offer!”

Update: The BOGO offer is buy 1 polish get 1 free, and you may purchase up to 4 and get 4 free (8 total). If you buy at least 3, and get 3 more free (6 total) the shipping is also free. Official details can be found here. Happy Shopping! And link pictures of what you get! 🙂

*This offer is exclusive to those who already have accounts at Zoya.com because the codes were placed in the account info, there is no generic coupon code – they are unique to each account.


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