Oh Haul, Yes

Corny enough title for you? Just wanted to post a few pics of my Zoya haul.. and it still seems weird to me to call things a haul, but hey, everybody else is doing it! (Kids – don’t do things because everybody else is doing it. See? I’m responsible!) Anyway, these are the polishes I got from the Zoya BOGO offer, and I ordered them late last Friday night and they arrived yesterday, [Just over a week later]. The polishes are normally $8 per bottle, plus $6.95 for shipping. Buying 3 or more bottles with this deal got you free shipping, and I also received the free gift they give for a $30 order as well as the one for $50 orders! So this is what I got for $32…

Top Pic: Natural light, Bottom Pic: Flash

Polish names from left to right: Daul, Elisa, Jo, Paloma, FeiFei, Dea, Song, Suri

The $30 gift was a small bottle of Remove, which I can’t wait to try out. The $50 gift was supposed to be a 6oz shower gel. It was back ordered, so they sent this separately as a replacement and it arrived a few days later. They kindly included 2 mini bottles of shower gel and a bottle of lotion. These were all the same size as the bottle of Remove. So that’s 4 bottles of freebies plus 4 free polishes plus free shipping. Wow!

My order also included some swatch plates and color spoons, but I forgot to take pictures of those so maybe I’ll take another photo with everything together. Lastly there was a code included for free shipping on my next order, but it expired the same day that it arrived so I didn’t end up using it. If you’d like to get your own Zoya but don’t have an account, you can use my referral link here and get a free bottle of polish using STL points. That’s all for now, hope everyone is having a great weekend!


4 thoughts on “Oh Haul, Yes

  1. very pretty…let me know your feelings on feifei. two coats are lovely, but i was amazed that i liked 3 coats even better. (i need to get out more. :))

  2. Maybe I should put two coats on one hand and three on the other, and run around checking it in various lighting conditions! Hehe, nah, I wouldn’t do that. Or would I?? Feifei is probably up next, I have Dea on right now and it’s like glossy melted chocolate. I’m probably going to try some nail art with it soon.

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