Fascination Street by Cirque

My dear friend Cricket, who is an awesome person and an amazingly talented writer, recently showed me her new polish from Cirque. It’s such a beautiful polish that I was able to convince her to do the following guest post for the site so that you guys could check it out too. The price is a little steep for me, but after seeing these pics and review I am seriously tempted. Enjoy! And many thanks to Cricket!!

A couple of weeks ago I happened upon this post at The Swatchaholic of Fascination Street by Cirque. It’s an indigo blue polish with holographic effects that are just mesmerizing in real life.

The Swatchaholic’s pictures are stunning and the polish looked amazing. I was so amazed, in fact, that I just had to show my husband the pictures. (As hard as I tried to capture the true beauty of this polish, I just wasn’t able to grab it with my camera. You really have to experience this polish in person.)Cirque's Fascination Street

He used to paint and airbrush for a living and is a really accomplished artist. When he went loopy over the color and the effect, I knew it wasn’t just me. Once he stopped oohing and aahing with me, he told me, “You need to get that polish.” My husband has never before told me I needed a nail polish.Β 

I will pause and let that sink in for a second.

At $16 a bottle, I hesitated. For about a nanosecond. It’s just so gorgeous, I had to have it. I’ve become a bit of a nail polish snob, thanks to a certain beauty blogger (*cough*), but the reviews were positive and did I mention that it’s gorgeous?

Cirque Fascination StreetI refreshed the tracking on my package daily and I skipped to the mail box the day it arrived. I must add here, the packaging was great. It arrived in a soft, padded envelope. When I tore open carefully peeled open the envelope, I found the nail polish in a black organza drawstring bag with a couple of hard candies. (Nom!) The polish itself was wrapped in bubble wrap. Such a thoughtful step!

The bottle is slightly smaller than average at .45ml. Even in the bottle, you can see the holographic effects as you tilt the bottle in the light. It’s just stunning. (I’ll stop gushing any time now.)

The first coat was pretty gloppy, so I got scared. The second coat was magical, however, and my fear evaporated. I did go ahead and add a third coat, and I’m not sure if it made that much of a difference or not, really, but maybe it did add just a little bit of depth. I will say here, I think a top coat is necessary. The polish itself dried for me a little on the not-shiny side. After a top coat, I saw details more clearly and the shine enhanced the polish. I know some people aren’t into that extra step, but I think it made a difference in how this polish shows.

You might expect that this polish would really come alive only in one sort of lighting, but that isn’t the case. Sometimes you catch an angle in low light that just pops, and sunlight is beyond amazing. In some light, you’ve got just a really pretty blue-purple with pearl sparkles. In others–bam–full-on rainbows.Fascination Street by Cirque

This is my first holographic nail polish ever, so maybe they’re all this fantastic, but I prefer to think Fascination Street is pretty unique.

A word of warning for those who are sensitive to smell, however, this polish is very strong smelling. When I did my nails, it was obvious to every living creature in the house.

The polish has worn fairly well, with only a couple of chips and mild tip wear. The chips I blame entirely on me, as it has been a bad hand week. Such a bad hand week, in fact, that I have two new down-to-the-quick nail breaks that I’m sporting today. Maybe I’ll have to redo my polish to make up for that… πŸ™‚

(I bought this polish with my own money and the thoughts I’ve shared here here are my own; you might agree though, if you tried it, too. Just saying. πŸ™‚ )


8 thoughts on “Fascination Street by Cirque

  1. I need to add that this removes like a dream. I was worried it would be tough due to the shimmery/glittery stuff, but it came off super easily!

  2. Great review. I had never heard of Fascination Street before. I don’t know that I am brave enough to try such a dark color on my white pasty fingers, but I did notice she has a holographic nude and now I am $16 poorer thanks to you. I also have a new goal to strive for: to have my husband tell me I need to buy a polish, LOL. Yeah, I don’t see that one ever happening, no matter how amazing it is….

    • Thanks, boo! πŸ™‚ I hadn’t heard of it before, either, and I was just blown away by the swatches I saw. If it helps, I’m so pale I glow in the dark, and the polish doesn’t overpower me. That nude is really pretty – I hope you like it, and I am awful sorry about contributing to your polish delinquency. πŸ˜‰

      Wanna hear something even more amazing? Yesterday he walks in from work and tells me he has a surprise for me…wait for it….the man bought me a bottle of nail polish. A pretty glitter polish he saw while he was grabbing a snack and he thought I’d love it. I will get him to set up a training class immediately…. πŸ˜€

      • Wow, I would sign my hubs up for that training class in a heartbeat :p

        I received the Never Nude today and was slightly miffed not to get an organza bag and candies but immediately forgot all about that stuff when I put the bottle into sunlight – yowya! And if you really are another porcelain doll I may be tempted to go ahead and try the Fasination Street – it looked quite nice on you.

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