Birchbox Review: September 2012 (Late)

I’m so late with posting this review, but you know what they say.. better late than never! So without further delay, here is the full review of my September Birchbox.

Bvlgari Mon Jasmin Noir – Even though I’m not a big fan of perfume, I kind of expected to like this one. I’ve always heard alot of people talk about Bvlgari, and the packaging was pretty and even the name was nice. Initially, I did kind of like this scent. It’s a nice floral, but I found it too strong and heavy, and over the course of the day it reminded me of something an older lady who wears too much perfume might like. That’s not to say that if you like this perfume, you smell like an old woman… it just didn’t work for me personally. I also spilled a little on my fingers and found that even after washing my hands I could still smell it more than I wanted to. As always you should bear in mind that my opinion on perfume should be taken very lightly since I generally wear very simple, clean scents or no perfume at all. Currently I just wear a little bit of LaVanilla.

Dr. Jart + Water Fuse Beauty Balm SPF 25 – First of all I like that this product had spf in it, and I was excited to try a beauty balm since they’ve become so popular. I thought this was a nice product, but it was a bit too dark for me. I used it once with decent results, but I felt that since the shade was so off I really couldn’t give it a fair chance. I did use it to cover up some small skin irritations here and there, and it worked okay for that. When I did use it on my face, once I got past the issue with the shade, it still didn’t really give my skin the look I was going for. If you have only minor skin issues this might work quite well, but I don’t know that I’d recommend it to anyone with acne or redness.

 Birchbox and Color Club Custom Collection – When I got this box, my friend Cricket and I joked that we didn’t like getting a polish in our boxes if it wasn’t by Zoya. I have to say, after trying this polish I stand corrected. I believe the name of the shade I got was Put A Pin In It. The polish was a lovely metallic rose gold polish, that seemed like it would be flattering on alot of skin tones. I’m pretty pale right now and it didn’t look too washed out on me. It reminded me of the Sally Hansen chrome polishes, but I’m not sure if they even still make those. The Color Club polish went on fairly smoothly and dried quickly. My only complaint would be that it did chip fairly quickly, but that’s often the case with a finish like this. I was able to get 2-3 days of good wear out of it though, so it was fine. You could probably get longer wear with a topcoat, but I liked the finish as it was. Would I wear this polish again? Absolutely. Do I think it’s worth $8 a bottle… I guess, but only if you can’t find something comparable at the drug store for less.

Fekkai Essential Shea Shampoo & Conditioner – I loved that this came with both the shampoo and the conditioner, so that you could get a sense of how they work together or try them separately if you wanted. The packaging for these two products was easy to open in the shower, which is often not the case with little plastic shampoo samples. The next thing I noticed was the scent of this shampoo. It was definitely stronger than I was expecting, but it wasn’t unpleasant at all. Mostly, it just reminded me of a salon. The conditioner was also nice and I enjoyed using both of them. My hair was soft afterwards, but I didn’t have any spectacular results. I used it on a rainy day, so I definitely had some humidity issues going on with my hair anyway. The main complaint I have with this sample is that while, yes, I did get to try both products – I only had enough for one use. I probably could’ve stretched it into two uses, but I have long hair and the packets just weren’t very full. So while I liked both of these, and even found that my regular shampoo worked better the next day, I wasn’t convinced that these were worth the whopping $25 a bottle price tag.

Twistband Lace Up For Fall – This is my third Twistband from Birchbox. I now have a black one, a light blue one, and this bright blue lace print one. What can I say.. I still like these quite a bit. They’re easy to use, don’t dent your hair, are comfortable to wear on your wrist, and look cute while they’re new. The downside is that they are overpriced for what they are, and they very quickly become rather twisted themselves. They get snagged fairly easily so after a few months they don’t look so pretty. That being said, I’ve never had one come untied or break. Birchbox can send me as many of these as they like and I’ll continue to use them, I just won’t be shelling out $22 for a 12 pack. The lace pattern was a cute idea and I like mine, but I expect after some use it won’t look so cute anymore. If these were cheap, I’d probably be more willing to purchase. Honestly, this is elastic trim tied in a knot, I don’t understand why they cost so much.

The Brush Guard Variety Pack – I was pretty interested when I saw these in my Birchbox, since it seems like such a practical “why didn’t I think of that?” kind of thing. Birchbox sent me three of these stretchy little brush guards, and two out of three were very narrow. This turned out to be an issue for me, since I use alot of Bare Escentuals brushes that have very thick handles. When I finally found three brushes that would fit in these, one of them was still a tight fit and seemed to tear the ends of the brush guard a bit. I love the idea of these and the practicality, but they weren’t really ideal for me. I wish that these would come with every new brush you buy, in the perfect size for that particular brush. I think these would be really handy for travel to help keep your brushes in order. However, I have a large brush collection. When I wash my brushes, I lay them out flat in rows on a towel to dry, and have never really had an issue with any of them losing their shape. It seems to me that putting these guards on while brushes were wet, would cause them to dry even slower (but I haven’t tested that theory). My main objection to these is the price; it costs $5.50 for four of them. If you have a small brush collection that might work out fine, but if you have more than four brushes I can’t see this being a great option. Especially considering the fact that these are the kind of thing you are bound to lose and be constantly replacing. So while I love the idea, they feel flimsy and cheap and I don’t think they’re worth the price for so few. Maybe if they just offered these in larger sets with a greater variety of sizes to accommodate thick handled brushes as well as the small ones.

Overall this was a pretty good box. I enjoyed trying everything, and with the exception of the perfume I was pretty pleased with everything I tried. I will continue to use the nailpolish and twistband, and I’ll even keep using the brush guards. It was really nice to try the Fekkai products and if I get a chance to sample them again I will. I probably won’t buy the full sizes of any of these items, but if I did, it would be the nailpolish. I definitely felt that I got my moneys worth with this box and if I remember it correctly we were allowed to give feedback on the shampoo and conditioner separately – meaning this box had 7 items to review. Reviews are worth 10 points each, and 100 points equals $10 to spend in the Birchbox shop. So this box alone earned me 70 points. You really can’t beat that since it’s coming pretty close to paying for itself even before you count the products.

If you’d like to get your own Birchbox, you can use my referral link here. (Thank You!!) And have I mentioned that you can give Birchbox subscriptions as holiday gifts in 3 month, 6 month, or 12 month options? Send a subscription as an e-gift, print a card with the information, or even have the first box sent to yourself to gift in person. Birchbox is a beauty subscription service that sends deluxe samples to your door for $10 a month.


5 thoughts on “Birchbox Review: September 2012 (Late)

  1. I got Put a Pin in It, too. yay! You’re right — it does remind me of those old metallic Sally Hansens. 🙂

    • Yay. I really think it was the best color of this collection based on what I’ve seen. I’m still not convinced it’s worth 8 bucks though!

  2. Your reviews are always so awesome. 🙂

    I got “Status Update” from the Color Club collection in the September box and I was really not impressed. It was a nasty color and the formula felt icky. So now my impression of all their stuff is pretty not interested.

    I’m surprised the Dr. Jart+ was too dark for you. I pretty much glow in the dark and it blended really well on me. I loved that stuff so much I’m hoarding points to hopefully get a free tube. 🙂

    • Aw, thank you! ::hug::

      Sorry that the polish didn’t work for you. That one wasn’t metallic, was it? I remember thinking that it seemed strange that the collection didn’t seem to go together that well.

      I wonder if the Dr. Jart came in different shades? I didn’t check mine to see. Maybe in the next couple of days I’ll swatch it on my hand and take a pic to show you. I need to try it again, maybe I didn’t give it a fair enough chance.

      • Yeah, not metallic…just flat greenish gray…. *shudder* icky poo… 😛

        I think it only comes in the one shade, but I’m not 100% sure…I used only a little though, and because I’m lazy my face was usually still a little damp. Dunno if that made a difference or not?

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