Flash Promos

Did you make your account at Zoya.com yet??

They have started their flash promos for the holidays, and some great deals have been popping up. Some of these coupon codes include free polish, free shipping, discounts and more. Usually these codes are very limited and they are posted randomly throughout the day and night. The deal may apply to the first ten people, the first 25, first 100, or even the first 1,000. To find out about the codes, you can follow Zoya on facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest, or their blog. Some deals will only appear on one site, others may appear on all of them.

So far, using the flash codes I’ve been able to score a code for ‘buy 2 polishes get 2 free (with free shipping)’, and then later I got one for a free Hot Lips gloss with free shipping. These are fantastic deals but they don’t last long at all! Be sure to make your account ahead of time so that you don’t miss out. Good luck!

Another side note, I got one of the Dream boxes (Merry Christmas to me) when they were on sale last week and I wanted to mention something about that. I previously said that the boxes were all velvet – which they were last year, but apparently they aren’t this year. The boxes still come nicely packaged inside of another nice little black cardboard box, and they also still have a magnetic closure. The inside of the box is velvety, but the outside is just a coated.. matte..box.. cardboard.. type material? How’s that for a great explanation? 😉 Anyway, I just wanted to clear that up because I didn’t know they had changed. I prefer the all velvet ones, but the new ones are still nice. They are actually a great deal because they are $24 and they ship for free, so you’re getting the box for free also. You can choose from pre selected color sets, or make your own. I chose Ziv, Aurora, and Storm for my box and they look so pretty in person, I’ll post a pic later. The flash promos are just another great reason to love Zoya, I don’t know any other company that goes for days on end randomly posting sales and freebies as a holiday gift to their customers, it’s awesome!

That’s all for now, go make your Zoya account!


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