Zoya Color Your World Promotion

Looking for some new polish to start off the New Year? You’re in luck. Starting today and running through 11:59pm EST January 13th, you can get 3 FREE bottles of Zoya. The only catch is that the shipping is slightly higher, so those 3 bottles will cost you $10 (Shipping is normally $6.95). If you spend at least $25, however, your shipping is also free! The code is ZOYA2013

Three bottles of polish only come out to $24, so you would have to either buy something extra, or use a different combo of items. The new Pixie Dust polishes are $9 instead of $8 though, so if you’re buying one of those you can buy 3 polishes and get 3 free (like I did!). Keep in mind that the Pixie Dust polishes and the new spring Lovely collection are excluded from the promo, so if you want any of those they’ll have to be the ones you buy, not the freebies. I ended up getting Godiva, GeiGei, Julie, Blaze, Carly and Freeja. I’m currently wearing Zoya Storm, so I might do a review on that one with some pictures in case anyone is considering it. That’s all for now, leave a comment with what polishes you got! And if you don’t have a Zoya account yet, you can use my referral link and earn some STL points while you’re at it! Thanks! Lastly, I think nail treatments are also excluded from the freebies.

Here’s the official rules and restrictions


2 thoughts on “Zoya Color Your World Promotion

  1. Mine are on the way (Julie, GeiGei, Blaze, Crystal, Sarah, and Frida). I am a little afraid that Zoya may have raised the shipping rate for real, not just this promo. That would be unfortunate.

    • Sounds like great choices! I wouldnt worry about the shipping, I’m fairly certain its just for this promo. Even if they did raise it, they’ve consistently had free shipping available for 75 STL points, and they gave most of us points just for the heck of it. They are really good about promos and freebies. Also, the dream boxes are still for sale I think, and those ship free… you could always just pick the custom option and get your colors that way.

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