Beauty Fail – Storytime

The past couple of weeks I’ve been spending a bit more time on Pinterest, and downloaded the app so that I could skim through it when I have a few minutes here and there. While I was browsing beauty stuff, I kept coming across various homemade hair mask recipes. I have very long, occasionally color treated hair that’s been feeling dry and kind of lackluster recently so I decided to give one of these masks a try.

A common theme among alot of them seemed to be eggs. Before and after pictures were posted of people with dry, frizzy hair but throw some eggs in and they have magical princess hair. I’m definitely down with having magical princess hair, and the egg mask required less exotic ingredients that someone like myself (who doesn’t exactly cook) has on hand. The ingredients required were 2 eggs, 2 tablespoons of olive oil – which even I was surprised to have, and a cup of water. Sounds simple and easy, right?

I mixed up the ingredients in a small bowl and leaned over the bathroom sink to start putting it in my hair. I’m not sure why, but I was expecting it to be a little thicker or less disgusting somehow. Scooping it out with my hands didn’t work too well, so I alternated between dipping my hair in it, and pouring over my head; quite the Kodak moment, I assure you. During all this amazing hair transformation I neglected to remember one thing, and I remembered it suddenly when my hair was covered in raw eggs – I’m a germaphobe. Now, I don’t mean to say that I run around wearing a surgical mask and spraying every surface with Lysol while dousing myself in Purell. I just worry a little bit about germs and wash my hands a little too frequently (okay, compulsively). So there I am, covered in oil and eggs, when I realize there’s probably a very good reason that we don’t roll around in brownie batter – wait, is there? That sounds kind of nic- no, raw eggs! That’s the reason! So I started to worry about how safe it is to actually pour raw eggs in your hair, and have it dripping all over the place, and I wondered why I didn’t look that up BEFORE pouring it all over my head.

By this point I decided that I’d had enough of egg-hair, and leaned my head over the shower to wash it out quickly. I remembered reading on another page that washing it out in hot water can actually cook the eggs in your hair.. I didn’t know how true that was, but ew. I washed out the mask as quickly as I could, then grabbed my things to take a shower. Once I got in the shower, I kept finding pieces of egg in my hair. And yes, that IS a sentence I didn’t expect to say [this week]. I scrubbed my hair a little more thoroughly than necessary, making sure to lather, rinse, and repeat and then went to dry it. It felt even worse than it did before, rough and tangly and looking like someone had thrown their breakfast at my head. Seriously, even while drying my hair I was STILL finding tiny bits of egg in there, but probably only because I have thick hair or the hair dryer was cooking it. Once my hair dried completely, it looked egg-cellent! Just kidding, I had to. Basically, it looked the same only a little shinier and maybe slightly softer. I probably didn’t leave it on long enough, but given the mess I just wanted to wash my hair and spray some cleaner around the sink as quickly as possible! So, I’m calling this one a beauty fail. I’m not against hair masks, but my next one definitely won’t include eggs! Now, I’m tagging all of you guys, write a post about one of your beauty fails and link to it in the comments; if you don’t have a blog just tell your story in the comments. If enough people write them, I’ll do a new post with links to all of your posts. Get writing!


2 thoughts on “Beauty Fail – Storytime

  1. Oh hun…this made me giggle, but I do feel bad for being amused… *hugs* I’ll have to run through my catalog of beauty fails and find just the right one… 🙂

    Now, super easy for long, thick, tangly hair (since I have all of those as well, in addition to super fine) – a couple of ounces of olive oil (no egg! ;)), heated up just a little (lukewarm)…slather it in your hair, mostly on the ends, but everywhere doesn’t hurt….wrap a towel around it and go do something else for an hour or so…shampoo it out and condition as usual….sooooooooo soft afterward…

    • Haha *hug* Can’t wait to see which one you pick, lol.

      That’s a great tip about the warm olive oil, sounds alot more bearable than raw egg! I have to admit, I got frustrated yesterday and grabbed up a pair of scissors and chopped off a few inches of my hair and then before bed I put shea butter all through it. It’s been much more manageable today. I will definitely try your olive oil tip.

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