My Zoya Collection

I think I mentioned a while back, either here or on Twitter, that I was planning on buying an acrylic nail polish rack. I ended up buying it a couple of months ago, but the screws that came with it was a bit flimsy and cheap and I was afraid that it wouldn’t hold. It took me quite a while to get some proper hardware and to get someone to hang it for me since I’m not the least bit skilled in home improvement-y things.

The acrylic rack that I ended up buying came from Amazon, because I had seen them alot in other peoples’ YouTube videos and on beauty websites. I picked the one with the lowest shipping cost, and it came out to around $40. This particular rack came with an optional sign that said “polish station” which I thought was a little cheesy, so I just threw it out. My dad installed this for me, and he ended up drilling some extra holes due to the area I wanted it in and also possibly due to my frequent reminders that I wanted to make SURE it wouldn’t fall with my entire Zoya collection on it. ; ) You can see that there are some extra screws below it, just for even more stability. Remember, these racks are meant to hold about 100 bottles of polish, and that’s bound to get heavy, especially if you can’t drill into the stud because of wiring and whatnot.

Back to the rack itself; it took a couple of weeks to arrive, and once it did I was immediately disappointed with it. While I love the style and the overall look of it, attention to detail was practically nonexistant. There are scratches all over it, as well as huge visible glue streaks on every shelf. I’m posting a pic with the flash so you can get an idea of what I mean. (Note that the glue does not have a yellow tint as it appears in the photo, it’s white). If I had paid $15 for this, I wouldn’t be upset at the glue marks or the scratches. But spending nearly $40 for a DISPLAY shelf, you kind of want it to look nice, and new. I really wouldn’t say that this looked new.

Aside from the flaws, this really is a great nail polish rack. With the polish on it, the glue and scratches aren’t as noticeable. In fact, I doubt anyone would notice the scratches at all unless it was near a window with alot of natural light. The glue marks still bother me a little, but I’m happy to have it and I love having my polish organized. It looks so pretty hanging on the wall. Next time, however, I would purchase from a different seller I think.

I have some other brands of older nail polish, but I really liked the uniformity of having just Zoya bottles on this shelf. Plus I have far more Zoya than any other kind, I don’t usually buy other brands now. After the pic was taken, my OCD tendencies got the best of me and I slid the mini bottles to the center of the fourth row. Now I just need to buy some more Zoya!



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