Birchbox Review: (March 2013 – Late)

march2013birchboxAs usual, I am late with posting the Birchbox reviews. The May box will be here in a week or so, and I’m just now getting around to reviewing March! Sorry about that. But sometimes I just don’t get around to trying all of the products for quite a while. Anyway, not everyone gets the same box each month so these products could still turn up in other peoples’ boxes in the future, or someone might be contemplating buying the products off the Birchbox site. So, it seems reasonable to post this, even if it is late. ; )

Whish Shave Crave Shaving Cream – This shaving cream comes in several different scents, the one that I received was the blueberry. The packaging was nice and the sample size was generous. I liked the pleasant smell and it did seem very soothing and effective. It’s not designed to foam, and is apparently filled with natural and organic botanicals. It’s a nice product, but I can’t see myself spending $20 a bottle and having to order it online. That being said, a little goes a long way and I’d be really interested to hear from someone with a full sized bottle who could give an idea of how long it lasts. It definitely feels more indulgent than any other shaving products I’ve tried.

Madewell for Birchbox Emory Board – As I am always saying, I love useful extras in the boxes. And what girl doesn’t need another nail file? This has a pretty floral pattern on one side and light pink on the other. It  comes in it’s own little vinyl sleeve as you can see in the image. It was also sealed in plastic so I didn’t even notice the sleeve at first, I thought the writing was printed on the file itself. Is it the greatest nail file ever? No, and I wouldn’t purchase another for my own use. But it’s cute and I could see this as being something you would add into a gift basket of beauty items, especially considering the packaging. Not a bad idea to add to your Mothers Day gift, in fact.

MAKE Face Primer Spf 30 – This came in a small little tube, and both the primer and the eyeshadow sample were in a little MAKE plastic ziplock type bag. (Or either the bag was just included, I can’t recall). I was interested in the idea of a primer that included spf, but I kept forgetting about this product. When I finally tried it, I was not impressed. The primer itself is white, like lotion. It did not blend easily into my skin and it was a little difficult to get a thin, even layer of it. After I put it on, I noticed that my cheeks had gotten red, and my face remained red enough that since I was on my way out, I ended up skipping blush that night. The redness faded after a little while, but the next day I had some breakouts around my nose and cheeks. Sadly, this stuff just isn’t for me and I wouldn’t dare try the sample again, much less purchase it. If you are interested in this primer, please do check out some other reviews. I looked at other reviews of it on and I didn’t notice anyone describing the reaction I had to it. Perhaps my skin is just more sensitive, so don’t take my experience with it to be the rule. Lastly, I wear mineral makeup and didn’t notice my makeup lasting any longer or looking any nicer as a result of this primer.

Nick Chavez Beverly Hills Color Saver Sulfate Free Shampoo – Many years ago I bought a set of Nick Chavez shampoo and conditioner from QVC. It was the kind that was available in different colors to enhance your hair color. Sadly, it didn’t work for me and I think the bottles wound up gathering dust under the sink for quite some time. Even so, when I saw this Color Saver shampoo in my box, I was excited to try it. (I love hair products!) Apparently, this brand of shampoo has come a long way. The shampoo has a pleasant scent, seems to make my hair softer, and works well with my regular conditioner. I saved this shampoo and didn’t use it until after I highlighted my hair. My highlights turned out brassier than expected and I was very unhappy with them initially. I used this shampoo afterwards for several days and all of the brassy tones are now gone from my hair, and I’m quite pleased with my highlights. Now, I can’t say that it was the shampoo that fixed them, or if the brassy tones just faded from washing, but I do think it at least helped. My highlights are now very subtle and natural looking. I am really tempted to use some Birchbox points and get the full size ($22) one of these days, and they also have a paraben free conditioner to go with it. However the conditioner is $24, and I really doubt I would ever use and repurchase both of these regularly simply due to the high price. Nice product, though.

MAKE Satin Finish Eyeshadow – This sample was adorable. It was a tiny little hinged compact with a  square of eyeshadow, about the size you’d find in a small palette. I really liked that they didn’t try to put a sample on a card like some of the shadow samples in the past have done. Get a small brush and you could throw this into even your smallest evening bag for touch ups. That’s a little beside the point though, because honestly, I didn’t like this eyeshadow much at all. My sample was a flat gray, and I just couldn’t get it to show up on me very well. Maybe it would’ve worked better with an eyeshadow primer, but I didn’t have one on hand. I ended up totally covering this eyeshadow with my Naked2 palette. Other than being unimpressed with the pigment, it did seem easy to blend, it was just too subtle for me. Then again, I am used to wearing more dramatic eye looks with sparkling shadows and winged eyeliner. The colors are $18 each and I just can’t see it being worth it.

Even though the MAKE products didn’t work out for me, I liked this box pretty well. I loved the shampoo, the shaving cream was nice, and the nail file was cool. I hope they’ll start including more makeup items in the boxes, I was excited about the eyeshadow even though it ultimately wasn’t something I’d use. My least favorite was the primer, did anyone else have issues with it? This box had 5 items to review so that’s 50 points back (100 points = $10 in the Birchbox shop) so I definitely feel I got my moneys worth this month between the items and the points.

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