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While checking to see if there were any more months of Birchbox reviews that I missed, I realized that I’m just about all caught up. I think I failed to post reviews for the December 2012 and January 2013 boxes, but since that was so long ago I am just going to write up a quick review to talk about my favorite and least favorite items from those two boxes. The things that were just okay, or not that memorable, I’ll skip for now.

Decembers Birchbox included Juice Beauty Cellular Repair CC Cream and ModelCo Shine Ultra Lipgloss, among other things. These two items were really the stand outs of that particular box. There was also a good sized lotion and some hair stuff, but they weren’t things I really loved and I don’t have much to say about them. The Juice Beauty CC cream was a neat little sample that I was excited to try. Juice Beauty uses organic ingredients and I’ve been happy with other products from them in the past. I liked this cc cream better than just about any bb cream I’ve tried. The day after I use it, my skin even looks better and clearer. My only problem with it is that the shade seems too light for me, and I’m not sure that it comes in very many colors. I really don’t want to spend the money and end up with another shade that doesn’t match properly, so I won’t be buying this for now, but I did think it was a good product. Full size is $39.

The ModelCo Shine Ultra Lipgloss that was included in this box remains to be one of my favorite Birchbox finds ever. This was a FULL sized lipgloss. The packaging is ideal; it comes in an elegant looking clear tube with a mirror on the side (why doesn’t anyone else do this??) The color I received is a very flattering berry pink shade that looks beautiful and not overdone. The gloss itself smells sweet, glides on without being overly sticky, and lasts a long time. This is my favorite lipgloss and I still wear it frequently. I would definitely purchase, and that’s saying alot for a $16 gloss.

Januarys Birchbox was full of products that included Amika Color pHerfection Shampoo, the Balm Hot Mama eyeshadow and blush all in one, and Deborah Lippmann Stripper To Go. I was most excited to try the Stripper to Go polish remover, because it comes in little packet that’s handy for travel. Inside the packet is one polish remover soaked finger sized mitt that you slide over each nail to remove your polish. This did not work out well for me at all. Immediately upon opening it, the package turned the wrong way and dumped excess polish remover all over my shirt. Once I began using it, I found that the mitt was dried out before all my polish was removed. Now, I realize that the extra bit of remover floating around in there probably would’ve been enough to get rid of the rest of the polish, but I would’ve been dipping the little mitt into the packet and really, why not just carry a sample sized bottle of Zoya remove with you if you’re going to do all that? The Stripper To Go is definitely less leak proof… until you open it, that is, but it was more trouble than it was worth for me.

The Amika products are pretty much always a winner in my book, and the color pHerfection shampoo was no exception. It smells good, works really well, and I don’t need to use alot of it for good results. It’s not for someone who likes alot of lather, and I’m not sure I would pay $22 for the full size, especially considering that I have long hair that I usually wash daily.

The Balm Hot Mama Eyeshadow and Blush all in one is another little magnetic closure sample. I love the packaging on these  samples because it makes them easy to carry with you, and this is a nice color as well. I love the idea that you can use it for eyeshadow and blush, so this comes in handy on minimal makeup days. I’m not sure that I would purchase the full size, but the sample is lasting me a long time. This would, however, encourage me to try more products from the Balm.

Well, I’m almost totally caught up on the Birchbox reviews that I fell behind on. I’ll try to get the April review posted this week and my May box just shipped out yesterday! I’ll have a preview of that up as soon as it arrives. Thanks for your patience with my not so timely reviews! To get your own Birchbox, click here!


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