Review: June 2013 Birchbox

Hi everyone. Hope that you all had a great 4th of July! The weather here decided to rain and storm for days, so all of our 4th activities were rained out. However I did rent a movie and have some junk food, which is always nice on a rainy day! Just want to say a quick hello and thank you to the new followers, please feel free to jump in and leave comments even if it’s just to say hi. šŸ™‚

My July Birchbox should be arriving next week so I figured it was definitely time to get the June review posted! I really have to work on getting these up sooner.

The theme for the June Birchbox was Wanderlust, and what any of these items have to do with that, your guess is as good as mine. Just kidding, I suppose I could see how some of them relate. Sometimes I like to wander around with anti-wrinkle stickers on my forehead… no, not really.


Davines Three Step System – I think this is the first time I’ve seen three products from the same brand in one box. The Davines Love Smoothing Shampoo, Love Smoothing Conditioner, and oil are all meant to be used together to give you smooth, manageable hair. I love the packaging of the little shampoo bottle, it’s so cute! The shampoo itself is light pink and has a pleasant scent. It doesn’t lather very much, but I’m used to that from using sulfate free shampoos. I hated the packaging for the shampoo and the oil, these packets are so annoying, especially if you’re going to use them more than once and store them in the shower. I managed to stretch the conditioner out into two uses, and I *might* have a couple of drops of the oil left. I still have enough shampoo for several uses yet. So that bugs me a little, that it’s meant to be used all together but the sizes are so different that you’re going to run out of conditioner and oil long before the shampoo is gone. Unless I’m doing it wrong and you’re supposed to use a LOT of shampoo each time! Anyway, i really did like this system and my hair felt really clean and soft at first. I think I may have used too much of the oil though, because my hair seemed to get a bit oilier throughout the day. (I have dry, color treated hair so that’s not a big issue for me normally). Overall, I would like to use this system again but the price to get all three products is out of my budget right now, and even if it was not, they were good products but I’m not sure they were THAT good. The shampoo is $24, the conditioner is $27.50, and the oil is $41. Granted, you’re only supposed to use a few drops of the oil so theoretically, it should last a long time. The full size of the conditioner comes in a little tub, and I wonder how that would work out in the shower. I would say that these products are very nice and worth trying if you can afford it, but I don’t see them as a ‘must have’, at least not for my hair type. I really wish the oil had been in a dropper bottle so I could try to add it into my routine and see if it was worth saving up some points for. I also do like the clean, minimalistic packaging of the full sized bottles/tub.

Furlesse Elevens –Ā  These are self adhesive patches that go between your eyebrows and help smooth the wrinkles there. They are transparent and you are meant to wear them around the house for a few hours a day or sleep in them at night. First of all, really? The description on Birchbox says that since they are transparent, you won’t have to peel them off if someone comes to the door during the day. Again… really? Transparent or not, I think I would notice if someone answered the door with a sticker between their eyebrows. But, I digress. I can’t give these a fair review because honestly, I didn’t try them or even open the box. I suppose the concept is interesting, but I simply don’t have wrinkles between my eyebrows so even if I used them, I couldn’t tell you if they work or not. They don’t seem to be getting very favorable reviews on though, and the full size contains 30 patches which is listed as a 30 day supply. Which I suppose means that the results are temporary, and you would have to use these EVERY DAY to have any effect at all. What?? Who has the time to wear a sticker on their forehead for several hours a day so that the next several hours can be slightly less wrinkled, only to start it all up again the next day? Maybe I’m being too judgmental about this. I suppose if you incorporated it into your nightly ritual it wouldn’t be so bad. I’d be interested to know what some of the husbands think of their wives sleeping with these on. And since these need to be used daily, does that mean that over the course of the day your face gradually gets more wrinkly as it returns to its normal state? The whole concept just seems weird to me, but like I said, I didn’t try them. If you had a good experience with these, or know more about them, please leave a comment about it! Personally, I just wouldn’t buy these because if I’m going to put something on my skin, I want it to be doing something beneficial that will help in the long run, not just faking it for a few hours. I’d prefer a wrinkle prevention cream or at least a patch that’s full of ingredients that are good for your skin. The ingredient list on these just says “polyethylene film, acrylates copolymer adhesive”. And there you have it. While I do like trying new and innovative beauty products, I just think these miss the mark and should at least include SOMETHING good for you, otherwise, isn’t it just tape?

LAQA & Co. Lil Lip Duo – This was a decent sized lipstick sample that came in a nice little tube. They actually call it a fat lip pencil on Birchbox, so I suppose it’s meant to be like the Tarte Lipsurgence (which I love). I’m a big fan of lip products, but for some reason the LAQA pencil layed on my desk untouched for weeks. When I finally got around to putting it on, I tried to apply it with a light hand because the color was an incredibly vibrant pink. As I suspected, the color went on VERY brightly. I blotted it, and it was still too bright. I blotted some more. And a little more, and finally I just took it off. The stain that was left on my lips looked nice, and I added some gloss and was happy with the result. I can’t say how long wearing this is, but it did seem to go on smoothly. I’m sure alot of people could pull this color off, I just didn’t care for it. The set of two is $16 and includes free shipping, so it’s not a bad price if you’re looking for something like this. Now that I’m looking at the image of the set, I’m wondering if the pencil they sent in the box is ‘full sized’, they appear to be small in general. That’s pretty cool if it is a full size, I just wish it was more flattering on me.

Color Club Wanderlust Collection – The nail polishes in this set are named after Birchboxs’ International headquarters. The shade I received was called Reign In Spain and is described as a ‘firey coral’. It actually seems a little lighter than what I consider coral, but it’s still a very bright color, nearly fluorescent. This is a really nice color for summer, especially on your toes. You can definitely get by with one coat though it may be just a tiny bit streaky. If you’re using it for a pedicure though, no one will ever notice. The set of four mini polishes is only $8 and if you purchase it with one or more additional items it ships free. This would be very cute as a little thank you or hostess gift, or as part of a basket full of beauty items. The finish is nice and shiny, even without a topcoat. Color Club polishes don’t hold up as well as say, Zoya, but they are still nice quality and depending on your choice of topcoat/basecoat you should be able to get at least a few days of wear out of them. Normally I probably would not buy the full size of a Color Club polish since they are the same price as Zoya ($8) and I prefer brands that I know have fewer chemicals. But $8 for a kit of minis in cute colors really isn’t bad at all, I’m going to keep this in mind for gifts. I doubt I will purchase the set for myself since I’m happy with the color I got and have similar shades to the other ones in the collection.

This was a pretty good box this month, although they only allowed you to review four items because they counted the Davines products as one set. I wish the lipcolor had been a little more neutral, but I did enjoy the hair products and nail polish. Obviously the wrinkle sticker was not for me, but everything isn’t going to work for everyone.

*Birchbox is a $10 a month beauty subscription service that delivers deluxe samples to your door. You’ll receive everything from makeup, to skincare, to little extras like nail files and hair ties. The contents of your box are a surprise and they are selected based on a beauty profile you fill out when you sign up. As you try each product, you can review it for points that you can redeem as you shop in their online store. (In my opinion, they have THE best points system of any beauty subscription). To get your own Birchbox, click here!


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