Things I’ve Learned From Pinterest

Do you use Pinterest? If not, you’re really missing out. It’s kind of like YouTube in the sense that you will start looking at one thing and two hours later you’re looking at cute animal photos and wondering where your day went. However, there are also alot of useful tips, manicure ideas, hairstyle tutorials and household hints. Rather than hundreds of disorganized bookmarks, you can make boards and easily find things again. You can also download the app, which I keep on my ipod so that when I’m getting ready I can quickly find some hairstyle or makeup inspiration. Overall, it’s really cool and I thought I’d link you guys to some of the neat things I’ve found there. I haven’t tried all of these so any of the household tips and such should be used at your own risk/discretion, and all of these links are credited to their respective owners, not me. And with that, here’s some that I enjoy. If you’d like to follow me on Pinterest, my name is Raayn.  I’m linking to the pins themselves, some of them you might need to click again to get to the actual site they’re from.

Household Tips:

My Favorite Pinterest Nail Designs

How To Correctly Apply Nail Polish



That’s all for now. Do you have a great board on Pinterest? Leave the link or your Pinterest name in the comments! And if you’ve tried one of these looks or tips, comment about that too!


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