Limited Edition Birchbox Photos

I took a few quick photos of my two Limited Edition Birchboxes in case anyone was curious about the sizes of the actual items. The pictures aren’t great quality but you get the general idea.


I won’t be doing a full review on these two boxes, because basically I poured everything into a pile and split it up with my mom. (Moms like Birchbox too you know!) And sharing is nice, also.  : )

Anyway, I will say that so far I’m really enjoying a few of the products in particular. The Nivea lip balm glides on really easily and leaves my lips soft with just a little shine. I’m addicted to lip balm and always have many different kinds laying around, so for me to use the same one over and over it has to be good.

I’ve never used a roll on eye product before, but the one by Simple that’s included seems like a good product. It’s cooling and refreshing, and it’s been very helpful lately for puffiness under my eyes due to allergies. You can easily pat in any excess and the roller makes it mess free.

The La Fresh face wipes were nice, I kept one and gave one away. It has a pleasant smell and I didn’t have any problems with extra liquid dripping out of the packet. It made my skin feel very clean and I noticed that La Fresh also makes individually packaged waterproof makeup remover wipes. Individually wrapped means great to throw in your purse. Sadly I think these particular wipes only come in the larger resealable pack, they do have scented or unscented versions though. These did not irritate my sensitive skin or cause a breakout, in fact I think my skin looked clearer two days after I used it.

The Julep cuticle oil is also in a rollerball form. This makes it really handy to swipe on when you’re in a hurry. My cuticles have been raggedy lately with alot of hang nails, and this seems to be helping so far. It’s easy to get a bit too much, but it’s no problem to rub the excess in. I’ve wanted to try this product for a long time and it didn’t disappoint.

There are still a few products I haven’t tried yet, and as I mentioned, some others that I gave away. My mom wanted to try the Revlon lip product and the IT Cosmetics eyebrow pencil, and I know she was really happy with both of those. Overall I think these two Limited Edition boxes were a fantastic value, and if they still have any available and you’re on the fence about it, you should snap them up! Alot of these products would make great gifts, too. Get a little mesh bag, put the Julep polish and cuticle oil in it, and you’ve got a pretty little present! (If you’re willing to part with them, that is!) Normally a bottle of Julep polish is $14 for non members and the cuticle oil is $18. Those two products alone are worth more than the cost of both boxes so you really can’t go wrong. I would buy these again in a heartbeat!

If you’d rather just join Birchbox and get the regular monthly box for $10/mo. you can use my referral link here. Thank you!! If you got these limited edition boxes, I’d love to hear what you thought of them and what products were your favorites.


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