Zoya Haul

During the recent Zoya BOGO sale I picked up six Pixie Dust shades and they arrived this week.


Shades from left to right are Stevie, Miranda, Tomoko, Liberty, Carter and Destiny.

I wrote a review a while back about Godiva, which was the only Pixie Dust polish by Zoya that I had up until this order. The texture can feel a bit weird, especially at first, but you get used to it and it seems to smooth out a little after a day or two. (I think washing your hands alot helps, but that’s just a guess). Slight roughness aside, these colors are absolutely gorgeous. Zoya definitely hit a home run with the Pixie Dust line. I’ve seen other textured polishes  from other brands but none of them seem quite this lovely. Even in the bottle, these polishes absolutely sparkle. I took the above pic with my ipod and even without using my camera, these are so shimmery that it almost looks like I added an effect to the picture.

When these arrived I immediately put on Carter, and boy, it doesn’t disappoint. This is a rich, royal purple matte textured shade and the sparkles in it are not silver like you might expect, but pink. I would say maybe a magenta-ish shade? You definitely need two coats because the first one I put on had a bit of a dark blue, dusty quality to it but the second coat really built up the color. I could not stop staring at my nails! The best term I can think of to describe the look this gives, is jewel encrusted. I’m in love with this shade because it’s still bright enough for summer and warm weather, but the deepness of the color lends itself to darker fall shades perfectly. I would even wear this in winter, it just works. If you’re on the fence about trying textured polish, this is a great shade to try out. And remember that while they recommend skipping a base and top coat, it is possible to top coat them if you dislike the texture, but you may find the need to use two coats. So what do you guys think of Pixie Dust polish, are you addicted? I definitely want to collect the rest of the shades, they’re just soooo pretty!


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