Zoya Liberty


This is just a quick ipod photo, but I just wanted to show you guys how pretty Zoya Liberty is. The picture doesn’t do it justice, but it gives you an idea of the shade. This is a really vibrant, bright blue. I absolutely love this color and I can’t think of another polish from any brand that is a match for this (there may be some, but none that I have seen at least). The closest thing I’ve seen to this would be the Incoco nail strips I had from Birchbox one time, though they had a bit more silver in them and a shinier finish.

This polish is easy to apply and is shown in the above photo with two coats. Removal of the pixie polish wasn’t as bad as I was expecting, I took off Carter a few days ago and it was basically like taking off any other glitter polish but slightly easier. It’s been a while since I wore Godiva so I had forgotten how the removal was. Also the wear on these polishes is really good, that photo was taken today on my third day of wear and after doing dishes last night, even scrubbing pots. Not a chip in sight!


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