Happy New Year

Hi everyone! Or at least, anyone who still checks for updates around here! So sorry for the inexcusable lack of posts around here. But actually, I do have a few excuses. Some of them are even good ones. Things like computer problems leading to the retiring of my old pc, catching a bad cold and getting over it then catching ANOTHER one, hectic holiday stuff, and the orphaned kitten I found under my porch who now demands much of my time. Those things aside, I will try to get back to posting more often now.

I still subscribe to Birchbox and I will probably get back to posting those previews and reviews when my January box arrives. I’m probably too far behind to catch up on the older ones now, and to be honest I haven’t been that thrilled with my last few boxes anyway. There were a few nice products, but nothing I’d actually buy or even finished a sample of. The most annoying thing for me was that I got tea in my last two boxes. Now, I love tea, but I’m Southern and I prefer regular, plain old Lipton sweet tea. I know those are usually considered extras in the boxes, but still. I really love the concept of Birchbox as well as their points system, so i really hope that my boxes start improving soon. I would hate to cancel it, but I really wish they’d start including more makeup. One positive thing I can say about them, is that they did seem to listen to customer feedback on the perfume samples, I adjusted my profile and I don’t get nearly as many of those, thankfully. When you are already getting free perfume samples from Sephora, Ulta, even Nordstrom… you really don’t want them in the beauty box that you’re paying for as well.

Over the holidays I purchased a random Birchbox item that I ended up liking far more than I expected. I was buying a gift (using my points so it was free!!) and I added in a pack of La Fresh makeup removing wipes, just to bring my total up so that I wouldn’t waste any points – as points can only be spent in increments of 100. I only got a small pack of three individually wrapped wipes, just to try them out. I’ve tried alot of makeup removing wipes and while I love the convenience of them, they generally make my eyes sting or aren’t made for eye makeup removal, or just don’t do a good job. The La Fresh makeup wipes removed every trace of makeup, left my skin feeling clean, have a pleasant scent, and didn’t cause any breakouts. Truthfully, these removed my eye makeup better than my oily bottle of eye makeup remover and were certainly less messy and didn’t sting my sensitive eyes at all. I would definitely purchase these again, and I wish you could get a huge box of the individually wrapped ones. These are ideal for travel and for sleepy nights when you don’t feel like a full skincare routine.

Also definitely worth mentioning is the Zoya promotion going on right now. You can get any three colors FREE if you pay the promotional shipping/processing fee of $12. So not totally free but still, their normal shipping is right at $7 which basically makes it an amazing deal, since these polishes range from $8-$10. The code is COLOR2014 and you can find more information here.

EA and Origin are also having a big sale, for any of you gaming fans. Sims3 expansions and stuff packs are as low as $11. There is also a coupon code, which I am not sure still works, ORIGIN15 and I think that’s for 15% off. Last I checked American Eagle is having a sale as well, so put those Christmas gift cards to work!

That’s all for now, hope you guys are staying warm!


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