All The Pretty Things

Maybe the title of this post is a little misleading, because if I posted ALL the pretty things, we would be here until next Tuesday. And even that would only cover the pretty things in my general vicinity or that I have seen in the last three hours – point being, this is just a post about some stuff I like.

What am I even rambling about? I don’t know but it’s probably the reason that I shouldn’t post at 3 in the morning. First up I want to show you guys a jewelry rack that I found at Bauble Bar because it’s adorable and I think I need it.

A mini wardrobe for your baubles: This stand features a row of hooks for dangling pendants and bracelets, as well as a small drawer in the base to stash earrings, rings and cuffs.

It has nice little hooks to hang necklaces from and a drawer at the bottom for rings and such. Cute! It’s $32 and Bauble Bar has free shipping, points, referrals, and nice packaging. Sounds pretty good, no? If anybody owns this or orders it, please comment and let me know how you like it. I have a stand up jewelry box (that is, one with many drawers, not one with an honest reputation) but you have to lift the lid to open the sides where necklaces hang. This results in me stacking things on top of said jewelry box and not bothering to open the sides, so I keep alot of necklaces in old Birchboxes. Did I really just complain that my jewelry box was too much effort for me to open? I think I did. But I also have it located in a spot where the doors don’t open easily, so it’s not just my laziness to blame, for once. Anyway, if you decide to do some shopping on Bauble Bar, they will give you 15% off your first purchase if you sign up for emails, and you could be extra sweet and use my referral code here. I know it’s probably tacky to post referral codes all over but it’d be silly of me to not use them when I’m writing about this stuff anyway.

Next up is something glorious I found on Pinterest.

shoe closet

Is that cute or what? I love shoes and I want one of these, scratch that, I want three. That looks so much more glamorous than my current solution of a plastic and metal ‘over the door’ shoe rack hanging outside my closet. Plus it would relieve my fear of spiders wandering into shoes and napping there. Beautiful and practical! I bet that’s how Marilyn Monroe stored all of her shoes, that’s how pretty it is. And then when you have guests you can be all, “why yes, I do store my shoes behind glass… doesn’t everyone?” Boy, the man who gets stuck with ends up with me is going to be one lucky fella. We will store his shoes in the garage or something, they can’t be found mingling with my fabulous shoe cabinetry. Actually I do store all of my black and white heels on their own separate shelves because they are too smug to hang on the shoe rack, maybe I will post a picture of that one day.


This has nothing to do with pretties. It’s just a smiling cat from Sulia and it makes me laugh.

Lastly there is a new Limited Edition Birchbox full of drugstore products. My first reaction to this was kind of, eh that’s okay, but the more I looked at it the more I wanted it. Because hello, products, and also it’s a really good value. It has mascara, nail polish, frizz ease, and various other things. If you have some spare points shaking around in your account, this box is $18. (If you aren’t doing your Birchbox reviews, you are throwing away money, my friend). I tried to order this box all day today and my order would not go through because Birchbox doesn’t love me anymore and didn’t want me to have it, and they just laughed and laughed and said “Only fancy tea for you!” Just kidding, but I really couldn’t get my order to go through. I emailed them and will try again tomorrow. Also the bbshop coupon code for free shipping seems to have expired, even though it was supposed to be good for another few days according to the coupon sites. If anyone has a shipping code for Birchbox, (other than their usual free shipping over $50) let me know please!

While I’m pimping out referral codes, here is my Birchbox referral code. On the Birchbox facebook page, some people were saying that using a referral code will let you skip the waiting list, but I have no idea if that’s true. I will try get the review for my February Birchbox up soon, I’m still suspiciously poking those packets of fancy tea and trying to decide if I’ll taste them or give them away.

That’s all for now, have a great week.


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