The Pets

SmokeyInBed1Smokey went to the vet today (for the rest of his vaccinations). This is him when he got home, chilling in the sun. He’s normally not this still but they said he’d be a little tired for the rest of the day. And also he had just won a wrestling match with a squeaky mouse and a napkin… anybody would need a break after that.

petseditThe pic on the left here is from one night when Smokey was once again hanging out in my closet. I love his ridiculous expression like, “my fort, no girls allowed!” On the right are my doggies, the ones this site is named after (dachshunds… doxies.. glamdox… it makes sense in my head, ok? You can’t tell in the pic but they have leather colors – a pink one and a purple one, that spell out their names in rhinestones. Glamorous!) Those two literally have five beds to choose from so they never share, but one night it was really cold and I couldn’t find them, pulled back the blanket and found them snuggled together like that. Awww. 🙂

That’s all for now, just thought I’d share some cuteness since I didn’t have any makeup stuff to talk about today. Oh, and I finally was able to order that Limited Edition Birchbox, so I’ll have pics of that when it arrives. Yay.


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