Accidental Ombre: Things I’ve Done To My Hair

My hair. It is…so many colors. Like Pocahontas is going to pop up, and instead of singing about painting with colors of the wind, she’ll just suggest we paint with all the colors of my hair.

I kid, it’s not quite THAT bad. Last week I decided it was time to color my hair again. I have (had) medium brown hair that’s down to my lower back, and the last time I colored it was about 6 months ago…maybe longer. At that time I used a highlighting kit, and the highlights came out a little more subtle than I wanted because I got impatient and didn’t leave the color on long enough. Despite that, the highlights looked decent for a while, but by now they had faded considerably and my hair was looking a bit boring. That’s not the real reason I decided to color it again though.

Let’s talk about gray hairs for a minute, okay? Gray hairs just suck. You’re going along, minding your own business, not feeling so bad about being in your early thirties now because hey, it happens. When all of a sudden, there’s a gray hair. Naturally, they don’t just hide in the back or mingle deep within the layers upon layers that is your hair. Oh no, these suckers want to be front and center. So I started doing what any normal person would do… I ripped it out. Then another one popped up, and another. In the grand scheme of things, it still wasn’t a big deal and I actually had one or two here and there since my 20’s. Thankfully I have alot of hair and I rationalized that people shed hair every day, so what’s the harm in pulling a couple out intentionally? Well, last year turned out to be an extremely difficult and majorly stress filled year, (thank God everything turned out okay). I started noticing a few more grays popping up, and you could literally hold them up and see the exact spot where they turned from brown to gray. I thought it was supposed to be more of a gradual fade? So anyway, there I was, going on about my life and ripping out offending strands of hair when I realized that when they grew back…these little jerks stood straight up! Not all the time, but enough to be really annoying. It’s bad enough to have gray hairs, do they really need to stick up and wave at everyone when you run your hand through your hair? NO. They don’t.

So I resolved to color my hair again with the hope that I wouldn’t have to worry about it for a while. I used the same Garnier hair color I used to use, and since they were out of my shade “Sweet Cola” I just went for the darkest brown they had. I used it about a week ago, and the results were not exactly what I was hoping for. Instead of a deep, dark, even brown… I have dark brown roots, and… wait for it… black ends! I’m calling it ombre even though I think usually ombre hair goes from dark to light. It’s accidental reverse ombre. And even better, theres a little streak of blonde showing through on one side, annnnd….wait for it…. two suspiciously gray-ish hairs. Hmph. Do gray hairs have like, superpowers or something? So not fair. If I were coming up with cutesy haircolor names to describe the various sections of my hair, I would say it goes from Chestnut, to Cherry Cola, to Nightfall. In retrospect, I probably should’ve used two boxes of color because I have so much hair, but I never think of that until I’m up to my elbows it inky dye. As a fun side note, despite being careful, I got dark blue dye on my neck on both sides and looked suspiciously like a character from Star Crossed for a few hours. Luckily it came off pretty quickly so no alien role play happening here.

Despite how it sounds, I’m not totally dissatisfied with the way the color turned out. It’s not ideal, but hopefully it will fade a little bit and match better. If not, I’ll do it again in a few weeks. Heck, maybe I’ll just dye it black and call it a day. At least the accidental ombre looks better than mousey, faded highlights with random grays. That’s what I’m telling myself, anyway.

As a side note I actually do like Garnier hair color, as long as it’s NOT the herbashine version. It’s easy to mix and the scent is less awful than other dye. Plus it comes with a conditioner packet that you absolutely cannot open once in the shower and will have to resort to something ridiculous like using a razor to open it in a saw like fashion. Who doesn’t love a challenge like that??


2 thoughts on “Accidental Ombre: Things I’ve Done To My Hair

  1. I have accidental reverse ombre right now from using a hi-lift color. My hair goes from almost blonde to a medium brown at the ends. This made me feel so much better. I’m definitely going to try to own it now like its exactly the look I was going for.

    • So glad that this old post could make you feel better. You rock that accidental reverse ombre! Besides, ombre haircolor happened in the first place because somebody did it, and had the confidence to walk around like that. Maybe you’ll start the next trend. 🙂 And if it doesn’t catch on, you can always color it again later. I’m pretty sure everyone who ever did their own hair has a few stories like this. It’s not always going to turn out perfect and that’s okay. Live and learn!

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