Review: February Birchbox 2014

This review is a bit late, and I’ll tell you why. I really wasn’t very excited about the products in my February box, so it sat on my desk for a couple of weeks before I got around to trying any of it. And in all fairness, I still haven’t tried the tea. Because… I just don’t want to. So this review is for everything but the tea, and it’s also late. Sorry, I know, what kind of beauty blogger am I?
(The kind that doesn’t like food in the box, that’s what kind).

The other day when I realized that I hadn’t used any of this stuff yet, I noticed that my eyes were a little puffy. Perfect, I thought, I have a product for that! Which brings us to:

Caudalie S.O.S. Morning Eye Rescue – This product is free of parabens, sulfates, and skin irritating fragrances (according to the description). In my preview I mentioned that the tube seemed more air than product, and that turned out to be right. When squeezing out product, the amount that comes out is about what you could put on the head of a pin. The instructions said to use a pea sized amount, but since so little came out at a time I went for using much less. I dabbed a TINY amount under each eye and went on to something else. After a few minutes I noticed that my eyes were looking a little red, and starting to feel itchy. I thought maybe I got shampoo in my eyes in the shower and just didn’t notice? Then I wondered if it could be the eye cream. I looked it up on the Birchbox site and sorted the reviews from low to high, and it turns out alot of people experienced issues with this stuff. By this point my under eye area was actually burning quite a bit so I ran to wash it off. It continued to burn and I tried washing it again just in case some was left somehow. Even with repeated washing, my under eye area burned and hurt for several hours. Straight to the trash with you, evil product! I should mention that while I do have somewhat sensitive skin, I occasionally do use eye products and have never had a reaction like this. Use with caution. Will not purchase. Never ever. On the positive side, it did help with the puffiness, but I’m not sure if you could notice it past the redness of my eyes. Can’t have it all I suppose! I’m just too picky!

OPI Sheer Tints Color Tinted Top Coat – Okay so I will say, I used this product wrong. On purpose though. I was in a hurry so I didn’t have a chance to find a cool color to put under this, as it is a top coat. Instead, I had just cut my nails really short and I just put two coats of it and hoped for a jelly like finish. That’s sort of what I got, and it came out a washed out denim type color (I got the blue). This worked fine for a day or two but it did chip quickly. Next time I will have to wear it over something else and see how that goes. However, I really dislike the consistency of this top coat. It’s very thick, sticky, and with every single polish stroke I had long wisps of gooey polish flying everywhere. It was super annoying. Maybe I got an old bottle or something, I don’t really know. I like the concept but I would not purchase.  I’ll definitely give it another try at some point though.

Baine de Terre Passion Flower Color Preserving Shampoo (And Baine de Terre conditioner) – No sense writing about the shampoo and conditioner separately here since I used them together. I do like how Birchbox has been doing this alot though, when they send a shampoo it frequently comes with the matching conditioner. This combo is paraben free although I do think it probably has sulfates because it lathers. I didn’t check though so don’t quote me on that. The first time I used this without any styling products and let my hair air dry. My hair ended up feeling dry and not looking so great. The next time I used a blowdryer and frizz ease. That worked a bit better but I still was not overly impressed. My hair came out  softer but a little weighed down. These are decent products with a nice smell, and I like that they are made to preserve your color. I’d be interested to know how these work on someone who colors their hair dark red, since red seems to fade the fastest. Also if they do have sulfates, I wonder how they are also color preserving? Overall I’d say it’s nice, but for me it’s not worth the price or effort to order these online. These are $12/$13 each so they’re much less expensive to try than some of the other shampoos that Birchbox samples.

As I said I did not try the tea, it’s still laying on my desk. I drink sweet tea anyway, so I’m not a good judge of other kinds.

This was definitely not my favorite Birchbox, but it was nice to try the OPI and the hair products. If you’d like to get your own Birchbox, click here.


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