Birchbox Preview: March 2014


Here’s a quick look at my March Birchbox. More food *throws the chocolate*. Not that I don’t like chocolate, but I don’t like it in my Birchbox. I have a pack of Hershey bars, thank you very much. Besides, this chocolate has cherry bits or something in it so forget that. The English Laundry perfume smells pretty decent but I haven’t decided how I feel about it yet. The Coola product is already disappointing me, because when you hold it up to the light you can clearly see that it isn’t even halfway full. I am excited about the Ojon despite the fact that they are in packets, but those are more of a one time use hair mask thing anyway I think. Besides, you get two, and they are large – I approve. Check back later for a full review once I use this stuff, and if you’d like your own Birchbox to love or hate, click here! It’s only $10 a month and you review each product for points to spend in their shop.


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