Bonus Gift

Todays post is about Bare Minerals again. They’re having a scavenger hunt for the next three Mondays across their Pinterest page. Find the code and you get a free gift with your order. Free is good. We love free. Todays clue is for the ‘perfect eye’ and you’re looking for the answer to “Did you just —- at me?” Since you’re all rocket scientists and can figure that out, I’m going to save you the trouble of searching Pinterest and unscrambling letters and tell you that the code is WINK. Are you shocked? I know, right? I hope I didn’t ruin the excitement for anyone. Put this code in at checkout and you can have your choice of

  • Round the clock eyeliner in eggplant ($15 value)
  • PrimeTime eyelid primer ($18 value)
  • Contour define brush ($19.50 value)
  • High shine eyecolor in Gold Medal ($12.00 value)

Clearly the double ended brush is worth the most, although personally I’d go for the eyeliner or primer, but I have alot of brushes as it is. Anyway, you can choose one of these gifts with purchase. If you’re stumped on what to buy and want to go for a cheap option, you could always pick the Well Rested eyeshadow on the Last Chance section. It’s $9.50 and is a nice neutral eyeshadow that most people who own it use as concealer now. It’s described as “cream linen”. So if you’re pale enough, it’s a nice double tasking product and if you aren’t, you can still use it as eyeshadow, it looks like a good browbone color. There are nine other last chance eyeshadows if that color doesn’t suit you. You also receive an Active Cell Renewal Night Serum Beautipod sample with purchase but honestly, I have no clue what that is. It sounds fancy though! My best guess is that you put it on at night and wake up looking like Megan Fox. 😉

Oh and I just realized… I’m not sure if this applies to bigger orders or only if you’re buying the small eyeshadow, but you can get standard shipping for only $3.95. So if you buy a small pot of eyeshadow your total would be $13.45 (before tax) making your whole order less than what most of the free gifts are valued at. Cool! It has not escaped my attention that the only math I’m good at is shopping math… oh well.


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