Buying Clothes

I decided to do a little shopping last night and went to check out American Eagle and see what they had on sale. I ended up getting a black and white bodycon dress on clearance for $11.99. Not bad, right? Then I picked up a bra that was marked down and then discounted again in the cart, that ended up being $8.99. That’s what I love about AE, you can find bras that started out as 40 bucks a few weeks ago that are suddenly drastically discounted. Since their bras ship free, I didn’t have to worry about shipping either. I buy too much lingerie, but who can resist a $9 bra with great reviews? I mean come on!

While we’re on the subject, where do you guys stand on the whole lingerie matching thing? I read some quote the other night from one of the Williams’ sisters that said for a good marriage always wear matching lingerie, or something like that. Does anyone actually do that on a regular basis? I do occasionally, but usually I just buy things individually, not in sets. I do like stuff that coordinates, if not necessarily matches. Maybe this is why I’m not married yet. D’oh.

A while back I mentioned that I won some Dr. Brandt skincare from Birchbox during a Twitter chat. I emailed them my info and never heard back and it had been a few weeks. Since they are nice, they contacted me on Twitter again and let me know that they never got my email. I checked my outbox and it had never sent for some reason. It was my fault but they still wanted to get my prize to me, aw. So anyway, they sent my prize out and here’s a look at the kit I got.

Processed with MoldivIt came in a little silver bag with a cute Birchbox logo on the zipper pull. The no filter thing is a mirror, and there is an eye cream, wrinkle cream, pores no more, and a tube of microdermabrasion stuff. (Thats a big word huh?). I haven’t used any of it yet but maybe I’ll do a review later. In case you’re curious, the zebra print is just a pillow I had the stuff sitting on for the pics.  🙂 This kit sells on for around $40 I think. So yay for winning things!

That’s all for now. My Birchbox review for March is definitely going to be late because…. well, it’s April… and I still haven’t used all of the stuff. Sorry about that! My April box has been shipped so I’ll post a preview when it gets here.


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