Oh dear, another shopping post…

Just a quick post to tell you about something pretty that’s on sale. (I like pretty things on sale, don’t you? I also like making commentary in parentheses if you hadn’t noticed).

This pave eliptical pendant is the current ‘buried bauble’ at Baublebar. It’s regularly $32 but it’s on sale for $10. Baublebar also has free shipping, a points system for discounts, and very nice packaging. This pendant is available in gold, silver, or rose gold. And it’s sparkly… need I say more? I think this necklace would make a really nice gift, too. Sign up for their emails for coupon codes and discounts, and if you’d like to use my referral code it’s 25362337. (Copy and paste is your friend!). While you’re at the site check out their other statement necklaces, and also their personalized jewelry. They even have acrylic nameplate necklaces that literally make a necklace out of your signature ($56). How cool is that? Buried baubles are items that are marked down on Mondays and Fridays. Enjoy your shopping!

Do you guys like when I post about sales? I love internet shopping and coupon codes and deals, so I like sharing those with you when it’s something I like or would buy. I’ll have the review of my Birchbox Finds box up soon, I meant to finish it ages ago. Have a great weekend!


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