Review: Birchbox Finds Limited Edition Box


About a month ago I ordered the Birchbox Finds Limited Edition box. I’m actually not sure if these are still available, I didn’t see them on the site but they were $18 when I ordered. I was able to use points and a code so I got it for around $2 plus shipping, so about $7 total. (Awesome deal!) I liked this box so much that I ordered a second one as a gift, but I guess that’s kind of a spoiler for this review? Either way, here we 2


John Frieda Frizz Ease Nourishing Oil Elixer – I remember using Frizz Ease years ago when it came in a little tiny bottle with a dropper and cost quite a bit. It was one of those products I used occasionally but never really fell in love with. I was excited to try this new version that includes Argan Oil because everyone in the beauty world seems to be under the impression that Argan Oil is pretty much as close as you can get to unicorn tears. In other words, it’s magical. This is my first experience with anything Argan, but I have to admit I like it. My hair is thick and dry and can definitely tend to frizz. When I apply this and let my hair air dry, I really don’t notice a huge change. However when I use a hair dryer it cuts down on the frizz and my hair appears softer and healthier. I only need a tiny amount so I’m guessing this bottle will last me about 57 years, even having really long hair that I wash nearly every day (I know, I know, I shouldn’t wash it so much). This product is definitely a keeper for me.

photo 3

Rimmel London Stay Glossy 3D Lipgloss – I immediately liked the shade of this lipgloss when I saw the tube. It’s a pinkish nude color that seems neutral enough that it could flatter a variety of skin tones. The “3D effect” is achieved by alot of shimmer in the gloss, but quite frankly I felt that it was a little bit too far on the ‘frosty’ side for me. It’s still a decent gloss and I will use it occasionally, but I wouldn’t repurchase, at least not in this shade. When I first put this on, it actually gives my lips an almost blue tint. In bright light you can see the little blue iridescent sparkles, and throughout the day it fades to a really natural soft lips look. It’s pretty long wearing and isn’t terribly sticky. I’m afraid that when I wear this I look like I missed the memo that I’m in my 30s now. Other than that, it’s okay. Maybe I would like it better if I applied it more sparingly or blotted it, I’ll have to experiment a little. But really I’m just not that into looking like my lips are cold.

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure – Out of the two boxes I bought, all of the colors were the same for all of the products except the nail polish. The first box (mine) had this light pink shade pictured above, and the second box (bought as a gift) had a more mauve shade. My color was called Pink A Card. I love nail polish so I was happy to see this included in the box. Sally Hansen is a brand I’ve used off and on for years and this polish is definitely good quality. I wore it for over a week with very minimal chips, and when it did start to chip it was barely noticeable because of the light color. I didn’t wear a topcoat with this and I really didn’t feel that one was needed. The color was nice and glossy with two coats, although I probably could’ve used a third because I did end up with a few slight streaks. The packaging really stands out on this nail polish. The bottle is very sturdy with squared sides that make it easy to hold on to. The top of the handle has a rubber ring that helps you twist off the cap. The brush handle is flat, and the brush itself is flat and broad with a nicely rounded end, making it possible to coat your nail in just a few swipes. I love all this attention to detail and I would absolutely purchase this polish in other colors. Not to mention, the bottle itself is just pretty. The bottle is 0.5 fl oz so you’re getting the same amount of polish as a bottle of Zoya even though it looks larger, there is just more glass used in the packaging.


CoverGirl Bombshell Volume by Lashblast Mascara – Can I just say, this is the biggest mascara tube of all time? Seriously. I took a picture of it next to my usual mascara to show you the difference…photo 1

 Look how small that Great Lash looks next to the Bombshell mascara! It’s like the Great Lash is its baby. Anyway, size does matter, because this thing is a little difficult to get used to wielding next to your eyes. It’s a two step mascara, so the double ended wand is in the center. For some reason that confuses me every time I use it and I expect the wand to be on the other end of each side. There wasn’t a whole lot of explaining about each step happening on the package, but I think the general idea is that step one makes your lashes appear thicker and step two makes them darker/longer…? I really don’t know for sure. The step 1 brush is fat with short bristles and the step 2 brush is more tapered and long. Does this make a difference? I have no idea. I find it easier to poke myself in the eye with the step 1 brush, so… that’s something I guess. On the good side, this mascara lives up to it’s promise pretty well. It does make my lashes look thicker and longer, but also a little clumpier and crunchier than I prefer. It also gives them a nice lifted look, which is good because I haven’t been curling them the past few weeks since the battery died in my heated lash curler. (I keep forgetting to buy new batteries for it, and I don’t use manual lash curlers anymore after once getting the outer corner of my lashes caught in a metal one. OW). But, I digress. This is not a waterproof mascara but I really haven’t had too many issues with it smudging and smearing. It can smudge, but generally doesn’t, at least on me. The main reason I won’t be buying this (aside from crunchy lashes), is that the removal is alot of effort. For me it’s more difficult to remove than waterproof mascara. And something that requires extra effort when I’m stumbling to bed at 4 in the morning is a definite no. I have to use an oily eye makeup remover and then use my face cleanser on my eyes, and even then I’m still left picking off little mascara clumps. It’s a good mascara for evening when you really want a dramatic eye look, but it’s not something I would wear every day, I just like my lashes to feel a bit 5

 CoverGirl Bombshell Shine Shadow by LashBlast – This was an interesting little tube of cream eyeshadow that I hadn’t heard of before. Mine is a nice metallic silver shade. It works well and you can kind of layer the color if you want it really silver. I have no complaints about it but I’m not sure if I would buy it. It’s definitely more convenient than foiling [adding water to shadow for a more intense color] my mineral eyeshadow, so that’s cool. I would say it’s nice to have on hand in a couple of bright metallic shades for dramatic looks, but maybe not for everyday wear.

Nivea Kiss of Care & Color – This product was in the shade “sheer crimson” and I immediately thought, uh oh, red? I’m really not much of a red lipstick person, but this lip balm really didn’t turn out ‘crimson’ on me at all, and that’s a good thing. It looks more of a brown with a red tint, I guess. This is another product with buildable color, and it has a little white moisturizing core in the center. I found it to be long lasting and moisturizing. It’s a nice product….not amazing, but nice. It’s good for slacker days when you want a little more color than lip balm but not the whole lipstick/lipgloss look.

photo 4

Biore Self Heating One Minute Mask – I’m a big fan of face masks because I feel like most of us have those moments when our skin just needs an extra boost. Plus, it’s fun to be girly and use a pile of beauty products at night with the theory that you’re going to wake up looking amazing. This mask uses natural charcoal and heats up on it’s own through whatever mysterious hijinks cause things to react and heat up. It’s science, people, that’s all I know. The color and consistency of this mask reminds me of the Borghese Fango mask, although since it’s a one minute mask, it doesn’t dry and harden like that one, making it easier to remove. I like the packaging of this because rather than a tube, you get four single use packs so it stays fresh and you aren’t wasting any by squeezing out more than you need. As you apply this mask, you’re supposed to massage it in for one minute. As soon as it touches your skin, it heats up. And I do mean heats up. I expected something barely noticeable, but really, you would think this stuff had been microwaved. It’s not burning hot, but definitely warm enough to confuse and possibly freak you out the first time. It rinses off easily and then you get a tingly, cooling sensation. Weird, right? I actually kind of love this stuff. I think the package suggested using it every few days, but I think once a week is plenty for me. My skin was left looking clean, clear, bright, and soft. This is great to use at night because my skin looks nicer the next morning. I will most likely purchase this.

If you’re still reading after all of that, thank you! This was a great box overall and I hope that they continue to do limited edition boxes like this. Awesome value.

Get your own monthly Birchbox here.



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