So this is my April Birchbox preview/review combo. Obviously this is very late, because… well, it’s May. In fact, my May Birchbox has already been shipped and will arrive any day now. I started to just skip the April box all together, but maybe one of you lovely readers (hi!) is losing sleep over the fact that you just DONT KNOW what was in my April box! If that’s the case, get ready to be underwhelmed! Haha I kid.. sort of..


Another Kind bar. Can I just say I’m KIND of tired of getting these? Puns, we got ’em! But seriously, I just took this photo today so the fact that it is now May and this little beauty remains uneaten should speak volumes about my enthusiasm for getting granola in my box. Basically, it’s destined for the trash unless I can convince someone else to eat it. What does ‘chewy with a crunch’ even mean? You know what else is chewy with a crunch? Stale food, that’s what.

I am pretty happy with the nail polish. I haven’t used it yet because I have a million bottles of polish and this color wasn’t too exciting, but Color Club is decent so I’m fine with it. I would’ve been more excited if it was Zoya, or even some brand I haven’t tried before since I’ve got several of these Color Club minis from Birchbox, but again I’m not complaining. Polish is good.

The body wash is nice for two reasons. 1) It’s a good size and 2) I just ran out of bodywash. I put this in the shower right after I took the picture, so I’ll be using it soon. I was happy with having it in my box because I tend to get ALOT of shampoo, lotion, and things like that, but very rarely get bodywash. We all use soap… at least, I hope we all do… so this is very practical. I’d love to see Birchbox sample some Philosophy type bodywashes in different scents. I think this one is just regular soap smell or something, it looks a bit generic so I’m guessing it smells generic as well. I will let you know if it turns out to have some totally off the wall unexpected smell. Otherwise I don’t think it needs a detailed review.

The Davines stuff came with shampoo and conditioner. I like when both are included, but I really hate the packaging on these. I had Davines Love shampoo in my box before and it came in a cool little bottle. What happened with that? Anyway, I liked the Love shampoo so I’ll probably like this one too. I probably would’ve used it alot sooner if it didn’t have such forgettable packaging.

I was really excited about the Anastasia clear brow gel that came in my box. I’ve always wanted to try an Anastasia brow product, and I had been asking myself some difficult questions like “do my eyebrows look weird? Should I do something about that?” Actually, my eyebrows are pretty normal but they are a little sparse because I used to pluck them pretty obsessively. Now, they just don’t grow much, and they look allright in person but sometimes in pictures I feel like they look a bit thin. I was looking for a good brow pencil or powder, but since I never used either I wasn’t too sure how to start. This clear brow gel was a pretty good introduction into “do something other than pluck/comb your brows”. The purpose of this product may be to seal in your powder or pencil, but I didn’t have either so I wore it alone. It seemed that if I combed my brows and then put this gel on, I could make them look a little thicker and have them actually stay in place. It’s a useful product, but I was also a bit aware of it when I had it on, probably just because I’m not used to it. I’m going to keep using it for now, but I’m not sure if I would repurchase.

Overall this was a fairly nice Birchbox. There was also a little card included of Rainy Day ideas that’s from a set they sell in their shop. The card was cute, but the ‘idea’ on mine was to do Yoga. I don’t do Yoga, and I don’t think either a rainy day or a cute card could convince me to start. (I did try it with Wii Fit a couple of years ago). A better card would’ve said, “Put on Yoga pants because you’re too lazy to wear real pants today”. Anyway, I read in the reviews that the content of other cards wasn’t much better, and along the lines of “make a new playlist”. Most of us can find something to do on a rainy day without the use of cards… isn’t that what Pinterest was invented for? Go to look up a makeup product and three hours later you’re looking at nursery ideas when you don’t even have a baby. Rainy day boredom solved! It’s a cute gift idea but I think it would be better with a different spin on it. Market it to people with kids, and make the activities kid friendly. Small children would probably really like the idea of drawing a card out of a pile to choose an activity. For adults, it’s nothing you can’t find on google.

The rest of the box was nice, granola bar aside. I wasn’t amazed by it, but it was still nice. I fail to see how any of these products really relate to rainy days though? Shower, paint your nails, fix your eyebrows and eat granola. You could definitely do those things on a rainy day but if I were putting together the box I would’ve gone more like… bubblebath, nail polish strips, face mask, hair mask… things that you would do on a day with more free time. Or products that you wouldn’t use daily but are meant to be used once a week or so, that you could pull out on a rainy day and indulge in. Anyway, I’m just rambling at this point. Good box, good products, to get your own click here. The end!


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