Birchbox Love

In case I haven’t mentioned it… oh about five hundred times, I love Birchbox. Not only do you get to try out new products for ten bucks a month, AND sometimes get a full sized product, AND get points back that you can spend on products just for doing reviews, and points for referrals and money spent in the store, AND the occasional free box of cool stuff (like the Nuance boxes), and coupon codes and gifts with purchase, now they have the Aces program. Was that the longest run on sentence ever or what? Once you rack up 500 points during a calendar year, you achieve Ace status. Birchbox Aces get free shipping on everything in the shop, plus they promised some additional perks. A few days after my May Birchbox arrived, I got one of those perks…

BirchboxAcesBagThis cute little Birchbox makeup bag showed up totally unexpectedly with an Aces card in it. It says Birchbox on the right corner and the inside is lined hot pink. It’s really cool to get a random gift like this in the mail! While I do wish that Birchbox would put a little less granola and a little more makeup in their boxes, overall I feel that they have a major advantage over the other beauty bags with their perks and their great customer service. If you haven’t tried Birchbox, you can get your own bag here for $10 a month. Try it out!


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