Spending Points


Here’s my latest points purchase from Birchbox that just arrived today. I had 200 points, and they sent me an email with a 25% off code because it was my 34th Birchbox (wow). Since this week was also my birthday, I thought it was a good time to do some shopping. I decided to get some new skincare since I’ve been breaking out a little more than usual lately. The Clarisea products are new to the Birchbox shop and are made with sea salt and supposedly good for clearing acne. They have several items to choose from but I went with the exfoliating face scrub. If you look at the Clarisea website, they also have bath soaks and things, and they even sell a snorkel and earplugs for the bath soak products. That seems a bit extreme (and hilarious) to me, but the backstory on the site seems pretty convincing. I’m looking forward to seeing how this works with regular use. I also got the Juice beauty blemish be gone for spot treatments. Now for the fun part.. the only kind of math I like.. shopping math!

The Clarisea exfoliant is $18 while the Juice blemish be gone is $15. With my 200 points, 25% off, and my free shipping from the Aces program, my order total was just about $4. If I had bought these normally and had to pay the $5.95 shipping my total would’ve been about $38.95. Sooo instead of paying nearly $40, I paid $4 just because I’m a Birchbox member and I do the reviews. I know I probably talk about Birchbox too much on this site but I loooove the perks! 🙂 And it just makes sense for me to talk about it alot since I get their box every month and shop from their store alot.  If you’d like to get your own Birchbox for $10 a month, you can click here. If you’re already a member I highly encourage you to review every product you get to earn points and always check for coupon codes and bonuses! The Birchbox man subscription currently has free socks with subscription and the regular Birchbox has a deal for 100 free points with subscription using the code bb100 (according to Retail Me Not). That equals ten bucks so that makes the first box basically free. If you’re signing up for  a yearly subscription, use the code BBSUBYEAR and get two free boxes. Enjoy!


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